North Kazakhstan Regional Museum of History and Local Lore

Cultural heritage

The North Kazakhstan Regional Museum of History and Local Lore is interesting not only for the richest collection of unique exhibits, but also for its architecture.

Located in the very center of Petropavlovsk, the museum occupies several old buildings - the house of the merchant Strelov and the entrepreneur Arkel. These mansions were built in the 19th century and are architectural monuments. The museum was officially formed in 1924. Its funds include 350 thousand exhibits, and the entire exposition is built taking into account historical periodization - from ancient times to the present.

The museum has 13 exhibition halls. In one of them, visitors can get acquainted with the nature and fauna of Northern Kazakhstan, including viewing the picturesque diorama of the region. Surprisingly, this repository of ancient artifacts contains a skeleton of a woolly rhinoceros and fragments of a mammoth skeleton. Here you can also carefully consider the molar tooth of a mammoth. Its weight is 7.5 kg. The find was discovered at a depth of 3 meters, 18 km from the city of Sergeevka in 1980.

The museum also contains fragments of the skeletons of the most ancient people living on earth, objects of their labor, clothing and ceramics. Of particular interest are such bone products as a carved spoon and adze, made in the 5th-3rd centuries. BC.

Curious and recreated in one of the museum's halls is the interior environment in which the merchants of Petropavlovsk lived in the late 18th - early 19th centuries.

Northern Kazakhstan of the Soviet era is also reflected by household items and documents describing the development of the region's industry, and the period of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 demonstrates the feat of northerners in the rear and fronts.

As many as three halls are devoted to modern topics: "Kazakhstan in the years of independence", "North-Kazakhstan region in the years of independence", "Kazakhstan-Russian relations".

In the museum you can get more extensive information and knowledge by visiting such thematic excursions as: “Ula Dala Eli”, “We are all Kazakhstanis”, “Ancient history of the region”, “History of Petropavlovsk”, “Nature of the native land”, “ Poets and writers of the native land. For schoolchildren, museum experts also offer special lessons on the topics: "Stone Age", "Batyrs of Northern Kazakhstan", "Alash: tragic pages of history", "Tenge - an attribute of Independence", "The path to the abyss", "Rites and traditions of the Kazakh people" , "In the footsteps of mysterious animals."

Helpful Hints

How to get there?

Address: Petropavlovsk, st. Constitution of Kazakhstan, 48

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday, from 10.00 to 19.00

Day off: Monday

The nearest public transport stop is called “Constitution Street of Kazakhstan”. Buses No. 5 m, 6, 14, 23 m, 24 m pass here.

From the railway station of the city to the local history museum North Kazakhstan Region can be reached by car in 5-10 minutes. One of the shortest routes will run through Evgeny Brusilovsky, Buketov and Satpaev streets.

Meals and accommodation

Petropavlovsk is the northernmost regional center of Kazakhstan, bordering on Russia. The capital of Kazakhstan is further away from it than the city of Omsk. It is 428 km to Astana, 278 km to Omsk. The city has many theaters, museums, interesting architectural buildings of the past centuries. Some of them even house hotels, while most hotels are modern buildings, and finding one that suits your style and budget is not difficult.

Also, the big city is represented by the most diverse cuisine. Cafes, canteens, fast food chains and restaurants operate as usual, and among them you can find 24-hour catering outlets.

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