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Top Reasons to Choose Kazakhstan for MICE Events


Kazakhstan is the most preferred convention destination in Central Asia with an excellent MICE infrastructure and strong local business community and trade.

Top Convention Destination in Central Asia

Kazakhstan is the most rapidly developing country of the Central Asia.

A true leader in economic and political sense Kazakhstan is also a preferred destination in the region for international events and incentive travel. Since the turn of the century Nur-Sultan (formerly Astana) and Almaty are regional hubs for MICE tourism, which hosted the OSCE Summit (2010), 7th Asian Winter Games (2011), the 28th World Winter Universiade (2017), the World EXPO (2017), PATA Travel Mart (2019), Routes Silk Road (2019) and many other international events.

Visa-free Travel and International Access

Citizens of more than 70 countries may visit Kazakhstan without visa up to 30 days for business or leisure.

The list of countries enjoying visa exemption to visit Kazakhstan includes North America, European Union, Gulf countries, South-East Asia and many others. Kazakhstan’s major international airports offer direct connections with more than 40 destinations in Europe, the Middle East and Asia including London, Frankfurt, Paris, Moscow, Beijing, Dubai, Istanbul, Seoul and Tokyo (more opening every year). This makes Kazakhstan a convenient Silk Road and Central Asia gateway.

Excellent MICE Infrastructure

Kazakhstan’s convention centers able to meet your demand with its wide range of venue choices and off-the-beaten track locations.

Major cities boast an array of international hotel brands and landmark buildings which feature state-of-the-art venues, on-site restaurants with sweeping city views. They often have a central location which makes exploring the main sights a breeze. And of course, our diverse landscape scene and untouched natural wonders make the post-event travel a bliss.

The Variety of a Continent in a Single Country

Kazakhstan - the world's 9th largest by territory and a landlocked country - is a kaleidoscope of landscapes and cultures.

Stretching for over 3000 km from the East to the West we are home to more than 130 ethnic groups including Germans, Russians, Koreans, Turks cherishing various traditions, religions and sharing diverse Central Asian cuisines while living in peace and harmony.

Unique Travel Experiences

This is the largest flat region on earth, where the foundation of horse breeding and equestrian culture was laid. The world’s famous “Golden Man” was found on this land and mankind conquered space for the first time from the spaceport “Baikonur”. Likewise, Kazakhstan is a birthplace of apples and tulips. There are 11 sites inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The presence of 13 national parks and 10 natural reserves, half of which are included in the UNESCO's International Network of Biosphere Reserves proves the natural wealth of our country. Kazakhstan is surrounded by the most beautiful highlands of Altay and the Tien Shan, in which there are many picturesque mountain lakes and glacial peaks – home to rare species such as snow leopard and mountain argali. A treasure of Tian-Shan, the majestic Khan Tengri peak with a height of 7010 m, rises above these limitless mountain expanses, offering unparalleled mountaineering experience.