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Almaty is a city with a thousand-year history, located in the foothills of majestic Alatau mountains in the heart of the Great Silk Road.

 astana map districts
astana map districts


Almaty is the birthplace of apples. Former capital of Kazakhstan remains the largest, most developed, and most ethnically and culturally diverse city in the region.

Almaty – city of a thousand colors, dozens of nationalities and cultures. A city which never sleeps, a melting pot with its own unique atmosphere, a city that is both ancient and ultramodern. The city of a thousand opportunities, an advanced economy, Central Asia’s financial center, hospitable and safe, full of attractions and possibilities. Almaty has been part of the UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network in the area of music since November 2017.

Key Facts

AreaPopulationPopulationVenues and hotels
Largest venueHotel roomsAirport
682 SQUARE KILOMETERS1,8 million (2019)650,000 sq.m. (Atakent International Exhibition Centre)3000+Almaty International Airport (20 min)

Special Features

Central Asia`s center of science, commerce and innovation

Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city and a major center of science, finance, commerce, innovation and technology. Almaty is ranked 58th according to the Global Financial Centers Index.

Diversity of cultures

Representatives of over 100 nationalities, of all races and religions, live in Almaty. The harmonious interlacing of various cultures, tolerance and mutual respect create the unique atmosphere in the city.

Diversity of nature within the city

Almaty is perhaps the most unique city on earth located literally in the mountains. One can find almost all types of landscapes here: from sultry sands of the desert to eternal mountain glaciers.