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Unique Experiences in Kazakhstan

Unique Travel Experiences

What could be better than amazing experience in Kazakhstan?

After busy events in dazzling cities get the most amazing experiences to fill your life with new adventures.

Kazakhstan spans incredible destinations across its lands– from mountains to the great steppes – and covers everything from exploring medieval temples to feasting a national food. We hope this will inspire you to choose our destination for your next convention and have your very own best travel experience in Kazakhstan.

mice unique Kazakhstan travel
mice unique Kazakhstan travel

Marvel the real rocket launch at the biggest cosmodrome - Baikonur

Seeing it with your own eyes is much more mesmerizing.

Imagine hot-air sweep over the landscape, while the stream of fire and low-slung mist below the rocket gradually lifts to reveal countless ornate structures of smoke set against a hazy infinite sky.

mice unique Kazakhstan travel

Get a taste of Nomadic life - Hunting with Eagles

Kazakh ancient culture has traditions that are visually stunning to foreign visitors, especially hunting with eagles.

The owners and their birds make incredible photography subjects by combining the outstanding traditional dress with the regal splendor of an eagle mid-flight.

mice unique Kazakhstan travel

Rediscover New Monument Valley in Charyn Canyon

Boasting perfectly distilled Wild West scenery – an expanse of yellow sands broken only by sandstone buttes and rocky pinnacles – ages-old Charyn Canyon has long been the go-to location for tourists. Its harsh beauty is breathtaking.

Trip at dawn reveals all the magic of the place. As the sun rises, the sky is washed with crimson, creating a dramatic backdrop for the stone turrets.

mice unique Kazakhstan travel

Explore the ancient cities of the Great Silk Road

Carving culture and history through the sands of time, trading routes of the Great Silk Road continue to capture the imagination of explorers and travelers. From Asia to Europe, traversing mountains and deserts, between valleys and rivers, it is a pilgrimage shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

Evidence of antiquity in Kazakhstan still lives on today, having withstood onslaughts from conquerors, natural disasters and looting. The ancient mausoleums and medreses, their minarets and mosaics are representing the fascinating culture of the country.

mice unique Kazakhstan travel

Admire the breathtaking landscapes of Bozjyra

Waking up early for a hike through snow-white limestone landscape may not sound tempting. But arriving there and witnessing all the marvelous scenery is well worth the effort.

One of the most scenic spots for adventure in Kazakhstan - Bozjira - is one of nature's greatest 'architectural' showpieces on earth.