Sights of the East Kazakhstan region

Mysterious Altai Mountains and breathtaking natural wonders, clear blue lakes and magnificent snow-covered peaks make this place a perfect "escape" destination for those seeking peace of mind and personal reflection

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East Kazakhstan province

The nature of East Kazakhstan combines all types of landscape that can be found separately in other parts of Kazakhstan: mountains, steppes, deserts, and even the taiga. The biggest cities in the province are Semey and Ust-Kamenogorsk (Oskemen), otherwise called “the gates of the mountainous Altai” because of its convenient location at the intersection of transport routes.

Depending on your preferences, you can visit one or several of these locations, popular among travelers in East Kazakhstan:

The main attractions of the East Kazakhstan Province:

  • Katon-Karagay National Park, with its numerous waterfalls and beautiful lakes with spectacular views is definitely a destination for digital detox.
  • The sacred Belukha Mountain, covered with eternal glaciers, is the highest summit of the Altai Mountains. The mountain attracts thousands of climbers every year.
  • Other places to connect with nature are the city of Ridder and the West Altai Nature Reserve or Lake Markakol with its crystal-clear water.
  • One of the most unusual landscapes in the province is Kiinkerish Tract. Also called as the “City of Spirits”, this alien landscape resembles red flames coming from the earth.
  • Semipalatinsk Nuclear Testing Site attracts those who are interested in Soviet Union history and the dark sides of the past. Be sure to take all necessary precautions and get a professional guide if you are planning to visit the site.
  • Lake Alakol, known for its black beaches and healing waters, is an attractive birdwatching destination during seasonal migration of birds.

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