Alma-Ata's region

This region boasts the best of country's national parks with absolutely stunning landscapes. While heading to turquoise glacier lakes find yourself venturing on a round of hiking or horse riding or simply unwinding into a warm welcome of local guesthouses

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Almaty province

The beauty and the natural diversity of Almaty Province is difficult to compare with any other places: it amazes with contrasting combinations of marvelous landscapes, which replace one another almost every hundred kilometers. It is absolutely real to experience 4 seasons of the year – from winter to summer – in one single day!

10 must-see places that will make you fall in love with the nature of Kazakhstan:

The main attractions of Almaty Province:

  • Incredibly picturesque lakes, such as Kaindy Lake, with its 'submerged forest', or the Kolsay Lakes, located among the mountains. Be sure to stop at Saty village in one of the guest houses to get the warm welcome from locals and authentic experience.
  • Charyn Canyon, one of the oldest canyons in the world. Here grows the relic Ash Tree Grove, which survived the Ice Age.
  • Big Almaty Lake, a turquoise lake, which has become the landmark of Almaty.
  • Singing sand dune in Altyn-Emel National Park: during dry weather, a low rumble spreads across the steppes, resembling the sound of an organ. Among other ‘wonders’ of the national park are alien landscapes of Aktau and Katutau Mountains.
  • 120-meter high Burkhan Bulak Waterfall, hidden in a picturesque green gorge.
  • Turgen waterfalls. The walking route to the waterfalls passes through a trout farm, an ostrich farm and an ethnic village (tourist center), making your adventure even more interesting.
  • Asy Plateau. Extremely beautiful plateau, where you can find nomadic yurts during summer.
  • Tamgaly Tas Tract is famous for its ancient rock paintings, as well as a popular rock-climbing destination.
  • Lake Tuzkol. A salt-water lake attracts travelers with its impressive colors and a view to Khan Tengri Peak.
  • Shalkodesu Valley – another place with nomadic yurts in summer: horses, yurts, spectacular national games, and breathtaking scenery of mountains around…

Almaty Province seems to have gathered absolutely everything that a traveler may wish for. Here you can feel the history, merge with the nature, or even have an adventurous experience, such as hiking, horse-riding, rafting, etc.

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