An incredibly vivid and beautiful city, charming, and fairy in any season of the year! It is the metropolis with a world-class mountain ski resort, and it takes only 15 minutes to get there!
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Noisy, incredibly lively and beautiful city, charming and fabulous at any time of the year! In addition, it is practically the only megalopolis in the world with a world-class ski resort, which can be reached in just 15 minutes! In winter, it is incredibly cozy here - almost not cold at all, but a lot of fluffy white snow that envelops huge wooded spruces, making the city look more like a decoration for Christmas films. Everywhere lights, luminous windows, stately buildings, interesting sculptures and decorations - a real paradise for the tourist. In spring and summer, Almaty will wrap you up with warmth, the scent of pine needles and hundreds of mouth-watering smells coming from summer cafes and coffee shops. At night, blissful coolness descends on the city and you can walk even until the morning - you will not want to sit in one place for a long time. There is plenty of entertainment here and absolutely for every taste!

Tourism of Almaty

Of course, like any Kazakh city, Almaty has its own list of places that you should definitely visit:

  • Classic locations where you can go with your family: Botanical Garden, Park named after 28 Panfilov Guardsmen, Green Bazaar, Zoo, Oceanarium, Water Park. Go to the new square, admire the beauty of the local architecture. It is also worth visiting the old square and the name of Abay - something interesting always happens here.
  • City entertainment: there are more than a lot of cinemas and shopping centers. Choose any - everywhere will be very pompous, modern and beautiful. Hundreds of different cafes, restaurants, clubs, billiards and other entertainment places can not even be mentioned - there are plenty of them here.
  • Recreational sports: Kok-Tobe, Medeo, Shymbulak are ideal places for alpine tourism, especially if you do not want to go far from the city.
  • Sightseeing tours and trekking: BAO, Kok-Zhailau, Charyn Canyon - incredible natural landscapes, they will be your best impression about the trip. But you need to get there by car, and halfway to Kok-Zhailau and on foot.

At any time of the year, this city will welcome you with open arms - there is no bad weather here. Almaty is literally created for tourism, so try to give it as much of your time as possible. Believe me, it's worth it!

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