Sights of the West Kazakhstan region

Sitting at the border with Russia this part of the country is sandwiched between Europe and Asia for centuries serving as a trade hub. Monuments and local museums will tell you the story of the province, particularly of the vibrant XIX century events

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West Kazakhstan province

We would recommend to start your trip in West Kazakhstan Province from its administrative center – Uralsk (also spelled as Oral), founded in 1584. Frequent economic and cultural interactions with Russia in the past left their mark on the city, leaving behind a huge number of architectural monuments of the time, museums and other historically significant places. The impressions from the trip to the western part of Kazakhstan will be created by a touch of history, mysticism and fascination with wild nature.

Sights of West Kazakhstan Province

  • Bukey Horde Historical Museum is one of the most visited museums in Western Kazakhstan, organized right at the site, where one of the last Kazakh khans - Jangir Khan had his residence in XIX century. Almost all the buildings erected two centuries ago have been restored and now they tell the story of one of the most progressive rulers in Kazakh steppes and the time he lived.
  • Also you might consider visiting the Museum of History and Ethnology, the Zhangir Khan Museum, the estate of Yemelyan Pugachev – a leader of a popular insurrection during the reign of Catherine the Great, as well as many other cultural centers in the city of Uralsk.
  • Some of the nature attractions of the province include Akkum Desert, which is believed to have been preserved since the ice age; Sarkyrama Waterfall, which is known as the smallest waterfall in Kazakhstan, etc.

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West Kazakhstan Museum of Local History

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