Travel by theme

Sports tourism

Travel to Kazakhstan in order to observe or participate in sporting events and activities.

Wellness tourism

Pamper yourself at a variety of recreation centers, high-class resorts and spa hotels in Kazakhstan.

Industrial tourism

Explore large enterprises and industrial areas as part of tour groups or independently

Rural tourism, agritourism

Meet locals and learn more about life in small villages or nomadic settlements in picturesque valleys of Kazakhstan

Business tourism

If you are visiting Kazakhstan for business purpose, be sure to also explore the cities, visit museums, and take short tours.

Religious tourism

Sacred places of Kazakhstan are always open to everyone driven by good thoughts and willingness to learn more about the culture.

Adventure tourism

Mountaineering, horseback riding, skiing and hiking, exploring canyons, diving, rafting and much more.

Gastronomic tourism

Discover new delicacies and enjoy the harmonious play of flavours in Kazakh restaurants

Extreme tourism

Get a portion of adrenaline enjoying extreme activities in breathtakingly beautiful locations of Kazakhstan

Space tourism

Connect with Space by exploring the world's first and largest spaceport Baikonur or locations in Kazakhstan connected with different planets and galaxies

Ecological tourism

Enjoy untouched nature in national parks and reserves with colorful landscapes and diverse wildlife

Children's tourism

Everything for children: themed tours and excursions, recreation centers, museums and many more

Cultural tourism

Visit museums, enjoy performances at theatres and learn more about Kazakhstan's rich historical and cultural heritage.