10 tips from pro travelers for those who are planning to visit Kazakhstan.

These are 10 things you need to know about prior to traveling to Kazakhstan

  • To learn about visa and immigration procedures in advance. 
  • Climate in Kazakhstan is harshly continental: in summer it may reach up to +40 or 50 degrees Celsius (104 - 122 °F) and in winter it can be -40 degrees Celsius (-40 °F)! The temperature might also vary significantly (within 10-15 degrees Celsius) from the north to the south. When the southern regions start blossoming in March, north and north-eastern regions are still covered in a thick layer of snow. While packing up your clothes, you definitely need to take into account your travel destination and a season time of your trip. The right set of clothes will be crucial in making your trip much more comfortable.
  • Put on comfortable footwear as you will come across a lot of walkways and park alleys in Kazakhstan.
  • Kazakh people are hospitable, welcoming and always ready to help. Therefore, should you have any questions please don’t be shy – just ask by passers and they will always help you with great pleasure.
  • Several basic Russian or Kazakh phrases learnt by heart will help you in your travel. For example, hello/bye, open/closed, how much does it cost?
  • In addition to having bank cards, it is going to be worthwhile to have cash money with you as some small shops or cafes, especially in rural areas, may not accept payment by card.
  • We recommend you get a local SIM card right away upon arriving in Kazakhstan – even in the airport you can buy it at a reasonable price. Sometimes local SIM cards are included in a set of smart cards for travelers , such as, CityPASS.
  • In the cities it is safe and convenient to order taxi through a trusted taxi operator rather than using private carrier. In remote areas you will have to arrange your trip directly with a taxi driver. However, it is worth to ask other taxi drivers about their price for the same trip and then negotiate an appropriate one for you.
  • If you are a vegetarian or a vegan be prepared to a very limited number of dining places that offer appropriate vegan food. Although, recently, many specific shops were opened in Kazakhstan that sell Superfood, grain milk, tofu (soybean curd) and other similar vegan friendly goods.
  • If you are going to travel around Kazakhstan by car or by motorcycle, it is important to know about long distances between populated areas as well as between petrol stations. That’s why you’d better take a provisional petrol can along for the trip.
Nurzhan Algashev
Nurzhan Algashev

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