Tourist documents

Tourist documents

Foreign citizens can enter the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and leave it with their valid foreign passports or a document replacing the passport and Kazakh visa, if required. 

Permission for temporary stay (registration).

Registration of foreigners, who arrived in Kazakhstan from the states that Kazakhstan has established international agreements with on visa-free regime and stay, is granted for the terms of the visa-free period. When terms are not established, then the registration is granted for the period of no more than 30 days; and for citizens of members of the Eurasian Economic Union – 90 days from the date of entering the territory of Kazakhstan.

If terms of stay do not exceed five days then registration is not necessary. If it exceeds five days then it is mandatory to obtain permission for temporary stay (registration).

Registration of immigrants is carried out by the migration department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan free of charge. 

In order to register a foreign guest, it is necessary for a legal entity (host side) or the guest personally to submit a list of documents (personal identification document, Kazakh entry visa, migration card, and application form).

Registration can be processed through the electronic government website on the basis of electronic applications from individuals and legal entities, including hotels (attachment to the migration card - a print out with personal data of the guest, date of registration and terms of stay).

Registration of the foreign diplomatic, consular officers and members of their families, officers of the international organisations, individuals invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Who does not need a visa?

A list of countries with visa-free regime of stay in Kazakhstan has considerably increased in recent years; citizens of the countries from the list can visit Kazakhstan on business or tourist purposes without visa. It is sufficient to show valid diplomatic, service or national passport.  During defined period they may enter, exit or transit through Kazakhstan’s territory without visa multiple times and within certain period from the moment of crossing Kazakhstan’s border. 

On the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs you will find an online service “Matching of entry Kazakh visa for foreigners”

Foreigners exempted from visa.

These are holders of diplomatic or service passports; those who arrived with Kazakh visa of diplomatic, service or investor’s categories, or with a confirmation of investor status from relevant authority (only for countries with visa free regime); those under 16 years old age. 

Rules of movement within the territory of Kazakhstan.

After having registered under certain place of living, a foreigner has a right to move freely within the territory of Kazakhstan (in defined period) including all regions and populated localities, but excluding areas of limited access. Relevant authorities set these limits, and tourists are usually informed about these areas and limits. 

Re-storing of migration card in the event of loss or damage.

If a migration card is lost or unintentionally damaged, its holder should notify local authorities of internal affairs in 3 days period about that incident. After official checking of the applicant’s data, local authority issues a duplicate of the card and puts registration stamps.

Transit travel through the territory of Kazakhstan.

Transit travel through Kazakhstan by foreigners is allowed for the period of no more than 5 days in the presence of a document (visa) to enter the third country. 

Liability for violation of migration legislation.

In case a foreigner is in violation of Kazakhstan migration laws, he/she will be charged to administrative liability like a warning, a penalty, administrative arrest, administrative expulsion from the territory of Kazakhstan.

Foreign citizens overstayed their Kazakh visa or violated procedures of staying in Kazakhstan due to circumstances beyond their control (like force majeure – a natural disaster and meteorological conditions, disease, disruption of transport system etc.), can cross the border  with appropriate marking in the migration card from the authorities at the points for crossing national boundaries.  

Source of information is the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.