Sights of Aktobe region

Landmark of the region is a snow-white mountain ridge composed of limestone and vast steppes covered with wild tulips during spring. Aktobe is also a homeland of Dimash, young singer who won the hearts of people across the world

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Aktobe province

For those who love traveling by car, or, are just in the eternal search for adventure, Aktobe province prepared a lot of surprises.

Sights of Aktobe Province:

  • Aktolagay Plateau. Stay here for at least 1-2 days to go around and explore as many bizarre snow-white rocks and caves as possible, search for fossils, and enjoy the views of Chesspieces Valley.
  • While traveling in the province during the spring (April - early May), be sure to stop in the steppe to see the flowering of wild tulips. Two species are most common here: Bieberstein and Schrenk tulips, both listed in the Red Book.

If you love and admire Dimash Kudaibergen as much as we do, in his homeland you can visit the places where he studied, and maybe meet those who know the famous singer in person. Other tourist attractions in Aktobe are the Park of the First President, Aktobe Regional Museum of Local History, Nurdaulet and Nur Gasyr Mosques, etc.

Add to all this diversity a very pleasant fact: in the summer it is rarely very hot here, usually the temperature does not exceed +25 degrees Celsius. In winter, it is quite warm too, with the lowest temperature in January -14 degrees Celsius.

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Aktolagay Plateau

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