Sights of Akmola region

Only a few hours drive from the capital there are overwhelmingly beautiful lakes, surrounded by mountains and pine forest, in Burabay. There is also a haven for birds of all kinds, including pink flamingos, in Korgalzhyn Reserve

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Akmola province

If you happen to visit the capital of Kazakhstan - Nur-Sultan, at least for a few days, be sure to explore its surroundings. Only in a few hours’ drive, you can visit the northernmost habitat of pink flamingos or enjoy trekking or rock-climbing among the beautiful lakes and mountains covered with pine-tree forests, while staying at one of the spa-hotels.

Where to start?

The main attractions of Akmola Province:

  • Burabay National Park. There are at least 14 lakes, surrounded by mountains and evergreen forest. The best view to the lakes is open from the top of the Mount Bolektau, which is very easy to climb. In addition to trekking, climbing, swimming in lakes, boating, and other outdoor activities, you can visit a tourist center with a yurt village to learm more about the culture of nomads, or Botai-Burabay Museum, which demonstrates dwellings of the tribes, who first domesticated horses about 6000 years ago.
  • Korgaljyn Nature Reserve, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The reserve attracts birdwatchers, especially in spring and autumn during seasonal migration of birds. The reserve is one of the few places where you can see pink flamingos in the wild.
  • ALZHIR Museum, established in the location, where Akmola concentration camp for the wives and children of ‘motherland traitors’ functioned during the USSR.

From May to October there is a beautiful warm weather, an average of +25 degrees Celsius. In winter, the may be quite cold, but this does not stop thosewho love snow adventures - ice fishing, ice skating, skiing, snowboarding andmany others.

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tourist attractions

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