Sights of the North Kazakhstan region

This place is a land of myriad lakes, rivers and birch forests. Thousands of years ago, horse was first domesticated here launching a new era in the history of mankind

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North Kazakhstan province

Completely different from the southern parts of Kazakhstan, in terms of climate, nature and historical sights, North Kazakhstan Province will make you feel the contrast and diversity in the country.

Sights of North Kazakhstan Province

  • Lakes Imantau and Shalkar are located in a picturesque area not far from each other, surrounded by pine-tree forest and granite low hills. Trekking in the forest, camping in on the lake shores, while enjoying the beauty of the nature might be a perfect holiday during summer.
  • Ablai Khan's Residence is a must-see for those who wish to learn more about the history of the region. Ablai Khan was the great Kazakh ruler, who united Kazakh tribes in the XVIII century.
  • Astrophysical Observatory, where you can observe the starry sky, evenduring the day.

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Imantau-Shalkar Resort Area

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