Sights of Pavlodar region

Drive along a steep serpentine road and admire the landscapes of Bayanaul National Park: mountains covered with evergreen pinetree forest, picturesque valleys and azure lakes, with Jasybay Lake being the crown jewel of the region

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Pavlodar province

With picturesque nature destinations like Bayanaul or some industrial places like Bogatyr Сoal Mine, open for tourists, Pavlodar Province may be attractive for travelers with various interests.

The main attractions of the Pavlodar Province

Start you travel in Pavlodar Province with a visit to Bayanaul National Park. Mountain ranges, covered with evergreen pine-tree forest in the middle of Kazakh steppes, four lakes with azure surface at the foot of the mountains, the fantastic views that opens up from a serpentine road.... This is a true miracle of nature; no one would ever wish to leave this place.

It will also be interesting to go on a sightseeing tour to Ekibastuz, to see the Bogatyr open-pit coal mine. This is the largest coal mine in the world, which produces up to 50 million tons of coal each year.

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Bayanаul National Park

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