Sights of the Kyzylorda region

If you are fascinated by the universe and like to travel off the beaten track, then be sure to come to this region. There is Baikonur Cosmodrome, the world’s first and largest spaceport, which you can visit with a guided tour

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Kyzylorda province

Located in the hot southern region of Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda Province pleases travelers with three hundred sunny days a year, unusual natural landscapes and historical heritage.

From Kazakh steppes to the Space

One of the main places, which attracts large tour groups, is the Baikonur Cosmodrome. This is the first and the largest spaceport in the world, and a historical place, from where the spaceship with the first man to go to space onboard was launched. Travelers can witness space launches and experience unforgettalbe emotions in the place full of history, mystery and adventure.

Sights of Kyzylorda Province:

Vanishing Aral Sea is another ‘attraction’ for travelers, particularly for those, who are interested in dark tourism. Remote town of Aralsk, which used to be the main fishing port, a local museum, displaying the shrinkage of the Sea, abandoned ships in the desert… Nowadays, thanks to the Kokaral dam, which regulates the water level of the Northern Aral Sea, the distance between the Sea and Aralsk decreased from 100 to 25 km. Nevertheless, there is still vast area of desert and strolling camels in the place, where there used to be a sea, and flourishing fishing industry.

The location of the province in the southern parts of Kazakhstan means that it is relatively warmer here in winter than in other parts of the country, but keep in mind when planning your trip in summer: in July the temperature in the sun may reach 50 degrees Celcius (122 degrees Farenheit).

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Lake Kamystybas (Kambash)

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