Kostanay province

Its relict pine forests and crystal-clear lakes draw outdoors lovers. Incredibly rich fauna makes this region a hotspot for hunting and fishing

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Kostanay province

Locals have always known this place as a destination for hunting, fishing and relaxing outdoorrecreation in the picturesque area.

What to do while traveling in Kostanay Province?

The main attractions of Kostanay Province:

  • Engage in outdoor activities: hunting and fishing and many more.
  • Visit historical sites: Ekidin Monument of VIII-IX centuries, buildings for ritual ceremonies or the Torgai geoglyphs - huge ground-based drawings made up of burial mounds, which are 2 to 10 thousand years old in average.
  • Explore the beauty of the local nature: Naurzum Nature Reserve, with its 1000 years old relict pine forest and endemic birch trees and Amankaragay Pine Forest.

In summer, there are no record temperature fluctuations in Kostanay Province, on average it does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius, which is quite suitable for travelling in any month from May to October. In winter, the entertainment is limited, but for lovers of hunting and ice-fishing, snow and frost only add to the enthusiasm.

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Kostanay Province

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