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Munaily-Mola field

Munaily-Mola deposit - osprey

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Atyrau province

Munaily-Mola field

Munaily-Mola deposit - osprey

Deposit in quarries Atyrau region increasingly attracts the attention of tourists. Boulders scattered at different distances from each other visually create a kind of cosmic picture. Covered with bitumen, these formations have not yet found any precise definitions and characteristics for themselves. It is still unknown how and under what circumstances they appeared.

Nevertheless, the Munaily-Mola deposit is a very unusual and mysterious place. There is an assumption that there were once quarry-type deposits that were used in Soviet times. From those times, there are several pits in the slopes, in which bitumen oozes through the soil layer at the present time. This bitumen, solidifying, additionally forms a kind of natural landscape. And the bottoms of the pits, filled with water, turn into natural picturesque lakes. The lakes that have remained in place of the pits attract a large number of migratory birds during the migration period, which may already be of interest to ornithologists and birdwatchers. Mystics add to the unified landscape of this place and petrified tree trunks, which, most likely, when excavating the pits, bulldozer equipment uprooted from the ground. Such landscapes can be used to create spectacular photo shoots and films.

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How to get there?

The Munaily-Mola field is located in the Atyrau region, 52 km from the Zhanterek railway station of the Zhyilyoi district and 85 km from the regional center - the city of Kulsary, where regular buses and trains run from Atyrau.

If you follow to the field from Kulsary, then you need to keep the direction to the northeast from the city or southeast from the Zhanterek station.

The distance from the city of Atyrau to Kulsary by road will be 220 km.

Meals and accommodation

The nearest settlement to the deposit will be Zhanterek station, where you can find hotels and cafes.

If you are heading to the place of your trip by private vehicle, then we recommend modern gas stations with a full range of services as comfortable stops: from cafes with fast food to mini-shops.

To walk around the field, you need comfortable shoes with thick soles, a hat, sportswear and a desire to discover the unknown treasures of Kazakhstan.

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