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Sunkar Ski Jumping Complex

It is one of the world’s best ski jumping centers.

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Sunkar Ski Jumping Complex

It is one of the world’s best ski jumping centers.

The Sunkar International Ski Jumping Complex in Almaty has hosted world-class competitions during the Asian Winter Games and the World Winter Universiade. The complex hosts Summer and Winter Youth Ski Jumping Championships and Kazakhstan Nordic Combined Championships. For several years, the popular retro music festival “Almaty – my first love” has also been organized here.

The complex’s total area is 15137 square meters (163 000 sq. ft); the stadium can hold 5200 spectators; the length of the largest jumps is 125 and 90 meters (410 and 312 ft). The complex consists of two parts. The first one is equipped for international competitions, while the second one is intended for training sessions. The Sunkar Complex has five more ski-jumps: K-125 (one of the largest jumps of the international level in the world), K-95 and the training ramps K-60, K-40 and K-20. In summer artificial turf is used for jumping instead of snow.

And the best part, all you thrill-seekers can experience the Gorilla Zipline. You’d be zooming down a steel cable at speeds of up to 50 km/h (31 mi/h), all the while admiring the breathtakingly spectacular scenery and maybe even snapping that perfect adventure selfie! For your safety, the ride has both age and weight restrictions: 10+ y.o, weighing 40-120 kg (88-265 lbs). You’ll need to fill in a questionnaire before the start. By the way, there is another Gorilla Zipline in Medeu Skating Rink. Fortunately for some people who are there just for the entertainment, this one has a smaller length and angle.

In the Sunkar Complex, fans of extreme sports can engage in tubing, bungee jumping, watch an exciting bicycle show, and ride on sleds. Be sure not to pass by viewing platforms where you can admire and also take a picture of the spectacular mountains and the city lying below.

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How to get there

The ski-jumps of the Sunkar Complex can be seen from many points around Almaty. The complex is located at the address: 128/8 Al-Farabi Ave. You can get there by car or taxi.

Food and accommodation

Unfortunately there are no cafes or shops on the territory of the complex so make sure you take plenty of water and snacks with you.

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