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Museum of Almaty

The Almaty Museum is remarkable not only for its collection of rare exhibits, but also for the building itself, in which it is housed.

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Museum of Almaty

The Almaty Museum is remarkable not only for its collection of rare exhibits, but also for the building itself, in which it is housed.

In the real building of the Almaty museum, there used to be the Verny orphanage, designed in 1892 by the famous architect Paul Lionel Basil Gourdet, a Frenchman who came to the city of Verny at the invitation of General Kolpakovsky.

The building is one of the city-forming architectural landmarks Almaty.

The museum was organized in 2002. He settled in this building of the late XIX century in 2016. And since it is dedicated to the history of Almaty, known in the world as the city of apples, its interiors also refer to this symbolism. The main hall of the museum is a wall panel in the form of a tree, and the doorways are made in the form of apples.

The whole history of the city of Almaty is stored in 11 halls of the museum - from its formation as a medieval city, the military fortification of the city of Verny to the present day. Among the expositions: "Ancient history of Almaty", "Medieval history of Almaty", "At the origins of Kazakh statehood", "Vernensky period of the history of Almaty", "Almaty in the XX century".

In total, the museum collection includes about 40 thousand exhibits, among which there are unique collections of Kazakh ethnography, works of fine art by famous artists of Almaty, rare masterpieces of numismatics, antique furniture, jewelry, vintage clothes, old models of cameras and cameras.

The Almaty museum also contains personal belongings of the famous architect of the city Andrey Zenkov, as well as the famous Kazakh writer, biologist Maxim Zverev, including the table at which he wrote his stories, an inkwell and a typewriter.

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How to get there?

The Museum of Almaty is located in the center of the city opposite the pine park, once planted by the pupils of the orphanage. Exact address: st. Kabanbay batyra, 132. To the intersection of Kabanbay batyra and Nauryzbay batyra streets, where the museum is located, buses No. 30, 34, 123 and trolleybus No. 7 run. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 19.00.

Additional information can be viewed at museum website.

Meals and accommodation

Almaty is one of the most developed tourist cities. It will not be difficult to find a suitable accommodation option here - from luxury hotels to a variety of hostels, including those located on the roofs of skyscrapers with magnificent panoramic views of the mountains. The RIXOS hotel is located near the museum itself.

The cuisine of Almaty is also diverse, where on any stretch of the road there are cafes with fragrant coffee, which has long become the main attribute of the life of citizens. Restaurants, canteens, fast food cafes are also easy to find, one has only to walk a little along the beautiful streets of the city.

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