Beket Ata Underground Mosque

This is the final resting place of the great religious leader and educator.

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Beket Ata Underground Mosque

This is the final resting place of the great religious leader and educator.

Beket Ata Underground Mosque is associated with the name of Beket Myrzagululy, an Islamic mystic who is revered as a saint by Sufi Muslims. Every year hundreds of pilgrims come here to commemorate him. They all notice the miraculous energy prevailing within the walls of the mosque.

The mosque consists of four rooms carved into the rock. Beket Ata is buried in one of them. The tomb of his sister Akkuash is in the next room, which only women are allowed to enter. When you are ready to leave, remember not to turn your back to the graves, so as not to offend the spirits of the people buried here.

Beket Ata Underground Mosque is a place resplendent with grace, where everybody can feel peace and harmony. It is worth visiting at least once.

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How to get there

Beket Ata Underground Mosque is located in Mangystau Province, 290 km away from the city of Aktau. A good paved road leads to the mosque, so getting there shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re driving from Aktau, first head to the village of Jetibay, then pass through the city of Janaozen. After another 25 km (15.5 mi) you will find the village of Kyzylsay, the nearest settlement to the Beket Ata Mosque. From there follow the signs indicating that you are moving towards Beket Ata Mosque. Before reaching the mosque you’ll see another landmark – Shopan Ata Underground Mosque. Pilgrims always stop here for prayer before proceeding to Beket Ata Mosque.

Food and accommodation

You can have a bite in the nearby roadside cafes catering to tourists and pilgrims. There is also a guest house, where all guests, both pilgrims and tourists, gather around a dastarkhan (a traditional low dining table). Everyone brings his or her own treats. There are also two spacious sleeping rooms - one for men, and another one for women. You can spend the night there or return to the city of Aktau.

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