Torysh Valley

This valley, strewn with perfectly spherical stones, offers a magnificent view

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Mangystau province

Torysh Valley

This valley, strewn with perfectly spherical stones, offers a magnificent view

Torysh Valley or The Valley of Globular Stones is another natural wonder of Mangystau Province. Scientists are divided on the origin of the stones, still putting forward theories to this day. Some associate the stones' origins with electric charges in the zones of active tectonic faults. These electric charges, they say, caused matter to form round objects. Other researchers assume that the stones were formed in the ancient ocean previously located in this area. The water dried out, leaving these bizarre boulders on the surface. Some boulders are perfectly spherical, some are broken in half, some stand on top of the others, and some stones are up to 4 meters (13 ft) in diameter. Together they create a grandiose landscape. Once you've seen it, you'll never forget it.

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How to get there

There are several routes to the valley. We will tell you about two of them. If you’re from the city of Aktau, you need to move along the highway towards the Buzachi Peninsula. After 95 kilometers (59 mi) there will be a fork in the road, where you will need to turn right and drive 10 kilometers (6 mi) east to the Torysh Valley. This road is good in dry weather, but after rain, driving there is a challenge. There is another option: follow the highway to the Buzachi Peninsula, and turn right after 100 kilometers (62 mi). Drive past the sheepfold, and from afar you will see a road going uphill. Follow it and it will lead you to the Torysh. This road may be less picturesque, but it’s safer in rainy weather.

Food and accommodation

The Torysh Valley is located near the city of Aktau, which makes it a nice day trip. If you want to explore the area more thoroughly, then you can stay in the Kogez Ethnic Village, which is 50 kilometers (31 mi) away from the Torysh Valley. To reach it, drive south-east through the desert to the village of Shaiyr, and then follow the only road from the village. It will lead you to Kogez. On your way you will pass by the famous Mount Sherkala. It’s visible from the road, so you won’t miss it.

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