Money and Exchange rates

The national currency in Kazakhstan is tenge (KZT).

Goods and various services are allowed to be paid for in tenge only, therefore, it is better to think in advance about having some cash. Russian roubles, US dollars, Euro, and some other currencies can be exchanged in the banks and official exchange offices in Kazakhstan, where, as a rule, there are more profitable exchange rates.

In large cities exchange offices work 24/7; also there are many ATMs. Bank cards (Visa, Master Card, Euro Card) for payment are accepted almost in all shopping malls and hotels in cities. However, if you plan a trip outside the cities, you had better have some cash.

In case of amount of cash imported or exported exceeds ten thousand US dollars then it is subject to mandatory customs declaration (except the cash from or to the member states of the Eurasian Customs Union).

10 000 KZT ≈
19.84 EUR
21.10 USD
2028.40 RUB
154.25 CNY