Why Kazakhstan?

In our globalized era, when travel destinations are becoming increasingly similar, many travelers are looking for something authentic and unusual. Kazakhstan, with its unique culture, rich history and vast unexplored areas, is definitely worth discovering.

The nature of Kazakhstan is striking in its diversity and splendor. Towering mountain ranges, vast flat steppes, green valleys, sprawling deserts, deep canyons, and turquoise lakes – Kazakhstan has everything to stun even the most experienced traveler. Nowadays, when there are fewer and fewer areas of pristine nature in the world, Kazakhstan boasts an abundance of natural beauty. From time immemorial, our ancestral nomads lived in connection with nature, treating it with care and ensuring sustainability.

Another thing Kazakhstan is proud of is its cultural diversity. People of many nationalities call Kazakhstan their home, having created a unique cultural mosaic here. At the same time Kazakhs cherish their nomadic past, unique traditions, and customs, and pass them from generation to generation.

While the country is young, having gained independence in 1991 after the dissolution of the USSR, the history of Kazakhstan dates back centuries. Travelers will marvel at medieval underground mosques, mausoleums, and ancient burial mounds. Those interested in the Soviet Era will be delighted to see amazing examples of Stalinist architecture as well.

With such a rich past, Kazakhstan’s present is no less intriguing. Astana, the country’s new capital, is known for its bold, futuristic architecture. Meanwhile, the mountainous city of Almaty encompasses green alleys, fountains, museums, bazaars, and even the world’s highest-altitude skating rink.

However, Kazakhstan’s main treasure is its people. Hospitality is a feature of Kazakhs’ national character and you'll definitely feel genuinely welcomed here.

Visit our amazing country and have a chance to learn our ancient traditions, admire our breathtaking landscapes and immerse yourself in our nomadic culture. Immersing yourself won’t be difficult since Kazakhstan has everything needed for a truly authentic experience. Moreover, we believe that all travelers are nomads in a certain sense; don't you agree? Reveal your inner nomad in the motherland of true nomads!