3D tours around Kazakhstan
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NUR ALEM Future Energy Museum

One of the main attractions of the EXPO 2017 and the largest spherical structure in the world

National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan

One of the largest museums in Central Asia. Here you can see the golden hall and halls of ancient and medieval history of Kazakhstan.

Baiterek Tower

The most important and recognizable attraction in Nur-Sultan. 'Baiterek' means a young, strong, growing tree.



A. Kasteyev State Museum

It is the largest art museum in Kazakhstan. The museum’s collection gives a vivid picture of the fine arts of Kazakhstan.

Central State Museum of Kazakhstan

It is one of the oldest and largest museums in Kazakhstan and Central Asia

Kazakh Museum of Folk Musical Instruments

Walking through the halls of the museum, you will learn how the rich Kazakh musical heritage was created in the process of long historical development.