Zhambyl region

Zhambyl region

You will find lots of sacred places and cultural sightseeings literally dispersed all over the region.
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Zhambyl region

Natural, ecological, sports and even extreme tourism in the Zhambyl region is always inextricably combined with the historical one - in no other region can you find such a vibrant combination of active and cultural kinds of recreation like here. Local travel agencies offer superbly organized excursion routes through the mountain gorges and sand dunes; a bird’s eye view of the neighborhood with a balloon or a camel ride along forgotten Silk Road trails. A huge number of sacred places and cultural attractions, literally scattered throughout the region, only add color and impressions of such a rich journey.

The best natural locations in Zhambyl region

  • The Aksu-Zhabaglinsky nature reserve, which captured the western tip of the Talas Alatau ridge, is an ideal place for ecotourism. In the spring, here you can observe a wonderful phenomenon: the blooming of tulips of various shapes and colors! Many of them are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan.
  • Koksai gorge. It is also located in the reserve and is the object of organized sightseeing tours.
  • The most beautiful lake Akkol.

Historical centers:

  • Palace complex Akyrtas - a monument to the history of the VIII-IX centuries.
  • Many mausoleums, each of which has its own beautiful, sometimes even sad legend that has come down from the depths of the centuries: Aisha-Bibi and Babaji-Khatun, Karakhan, Dautbek and Shokai Datka mausoleums.
  • Architectural complex Tekturmas.
  • Eastern bath Kali-Yunus.

Improvement and cleansing of the body

  • Radon and mineral sources in the Merke gorge of the Kyrgyz Alatau
  • Upscale sanatoriums and health complexes
When planning a trip to the Zhambyl region, especially in numerous historical and sacred places, do not forget to make sure that the weather will not let you down. If you are not used to the hot climate, it is best to focus on the periods from late spring to June and from August to early autumn.

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