East Kazakhstan region

East Kazakhstan region

There are steppes, deserts, and even dense forests. Massive mountains with ice pinnacles appear simply out of nowhere, lakes, and rivers are sparkling with their pure water there.
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East Kazakhstan region

The nature of the East Kazakhstan region combines all types of landscape that can be found separately in different regions of our country. Here and the steppes, and deserts, and even the taiga, literally from nowhere grow massive mountains with ice peaks, lakes and rivers with sparkling water sparkle. The regional center of this natural splendor is the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk, otherwise called “the gates of the mountainous Altai” because of its good location at the intersection of transport and trade routes. Traveling in the East Kazakhstan region, be sure to visit this incredibly beautiful and modern city.

Soak up the beach and improve your health in the sanatorium, surrounded by magnificent landscapes, you can here:

  • Alakol State Nature Reserve. Black beaches, healing waters and the wonderful islands of Alakol are a great location for family holidays.
  • The Katon-Karagay National Park, besides natural beauty, is replete with historical and cultural sites, sanatoriums and boarding houses.

And here, tourists are awaited by surprisingly beautiful places in Eastern Kazakhstan:

  • “Aeolian city ”- Kiin-Kerish tract. Otherwise, it is called the “City of the Spirits,” because the local landscapes suggest thoughts of their unearthly origin.
  • The sacred mountain Belukha, covered with eternal glaciers, resting its pyramidal peaks in the clouds.
  • Markakol reserve and forest reserve “Semey Orman”.
  • Tarbagatai natural reserve, many representatives of flora and fauna which are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan.

You can join the history and art here:

  • Mausoleum of Kozy Korpesh and Bayan Sulu
  • Mausoleum of Abai
  • East Kazakhstan "Art Museum"
  • Ethnographic Museum-Reserve of the East Kazakhstan region

Depending on exactly where you decide to go on holiday in this area, weather and climatic conditions may vary. The climate here, as elsewhere in the country, is sharply continental; in spring and autumn, temperature fluctuations can be quite significant, as well as the sudden appearance of precipitation. But still, nature has no bad weather - the East Kazakhstan region is beautiful both in summer and in winter! Just before the trip make sure that the approximate forecast is favorable for your vacation and feel free to hit the road.

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