Atyrau region

Be it Inder Lake, surrounded by salt shores and limestone hills, creating a mind-blowing view, or Kigach River Valley, the northernmost point of lotus blooming, – Atyrau, despite its image of oil region, has definitely got something to offer

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Atyrau province

Atyrau Province is an inexhaustible storehouse of impressions for a traveler who craves for amazing and unearthly landscapes. The center of the province - the city of Atyrau is located on the northern coast of the Caspian Sea and is divided into two halves by the powerful Ural River. From here, you can start your trip to the interesting sights of the province, described below.

Exploring unusual landscapes

The main attractions of Atyrau Province:

  • Akkegershin Plateau, incredible forms of chalk deposits. Wandering among these snow-white rocks you can stumble upon the remains of ancient animals, literally imprinted in the rock.
  • Besshoky Hill. The picturesque relief of gypsum mounds, dotted with huge karst caves, up to 150 meters in diameter.
  • Inder Mountains.
  • Munayly-Mola Field. Smooth huge black stone balls have created a great futuristic landscape for photos.
  • Inder Lake, fed from many saline sources. Its water and mud contains many high-quality salts, therefore it is believed to have healing properties.
  • Kigach River, where you can enjoy blooming of pink lotus starting from mid-July.

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