Almaty region

Almaty region

Almaty region has got everything that a tourist might be in need of. Here you may touch the history, side with the nature, get thorough treatment, and even go to an extremal expedition.
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Almaty region

The beauty and natural diversity of the Almaty region is difficult to compare with any other: it amazes with combinations of contrasts and marvelous landscapes, replacing each other almost every hundred kilometers. You can have a wonderful time in the city itself, but if you have not traveled outside it, then you spent your vacation almost in vain.

10 places which will astonish you:

Yes, yes, just like that, absolutely without exaggeration. The landscapes that Almaty Oblast prepared for tourists are unique. And now you will understand why:
  • Incredibly picturesque lakes: Kaindy, with its “watchmen” and Kolsai, located one above the other.
  • Charyn canyon. Despite the fact that it is the second largest in the world, bizarre local landscapes may well compete with the Grand Canyon. In addition, it is here that you can see the relic Ash Tree Grove, which survived the Ice Age.
  • Big Almaty Lake, which has become the hallmark of the city.
  • Singing dune. It is a light breeze to stir up his sand, as a low rumble spreads across the desert, resembling the sound of an organ.
  • 120-meter waterfall Burkhan-Bulak. Huge, hidden in a picturesque green gorge, and incredibly beautiful.
  • Several Turgensky waterfalls. The walking path to them passes through a trout farm, an ostrich farm, an ethnopark under the open sky ... In general, the adventure is not boring!
  • High-mountain resorts Akbulak, Forest Fairy Tale, Tabagan.
  • Plateau Assy. Thanks to its natural and astroclimatic conditions, the plateau was a great place to build an observatory with one of the most powerful telescopes in the world.
  • The Tamgaly Tas tract, where you can look at the ancient rock paintings that have been preserved remarkably clearly.
  • The bitter-salty lake Tuzkol, with its incredible healing waters, healing many skin diseases, central nervous system, musculoskeletal system.
  • Shalkode Valley - a real nomadic expanse. All summer there are yurts here, in which you can stay for a while, feel the real steppe coloring and even try on the role of a nomad.
Almaty region has absorbed absolutely everything that a tourist needs. Here you can join the history, and merge with nature, and how to heal in sanatoriums, and even go on an extreme hike. The weather is good at any time of the year: from spring until late autumn there is rarely less than +20, and winter is velvet at all - the average January temperature is -5 degrees.

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