Aktobe region

Aktobe region

Aktobe region has much to experience with for those who like trips by car, eager to touch heritage of ancestors, or is in quest of adventures.
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Aktobe region

Aktobe region is not at all the place where lovers of classic spa holidays go. The local sights are mostly sacred and historical, but the nature is also very impressive. Those who love traveling by car, eager to touch the heritage of our ancestors, or just in the eternal search for adventure, Aktobe region prepared a lot of surprises.

To look at the beautiful nature you can here:

  • Geological section with a height of 50 meters - Aydarlyash Stratotype. It is located near the river of the same name, in its layers were found the teeth and bones of ancient sharks, the shells of mollusks, as well as many other evidence that thousands of years ago the ocean was raging here.
  • Aktolagay Plateau. Be sure to stay in these places for at least 1-2 days to go around as many bizarre snow-white mountains and caves as possible, search for the remains of ancient animals in the stone, see the legendary “Chessmen” valley.
  • Mugodzhary mountain range, Turgai plateau, Kargaly reservoir.
  • Picturesque Wolf Waterfall (120 km from Aktobe, on the border with the Russian Federation on the road to Orsk)
  • When traveling outside the settlements in the spring (April - early May), be sure to stop in the steppe to look at the flowering of tulips. Two types are most common: Bieberstein and Schrenk tulips (listed in the Red Book).

To touch a history:

  • Necropolis Asan-Leather. A large complex of gravestones of the XVIII-XX centuries, one of the largest in Kazakhstan.
  • “Keruen-Saray”. The place where the Kokzhar fair of the times of the Great Silk Road was held.
In the regional center (the city of Aktobe) there is also something to see: the Park of the First President, the Aktyubinsk Museum of History and Local Lore, the Nurdaulet and Nur-Gasyr mosques, and much more.

To entertain yourself:

In addition to all this, beach recreation is quite well developed here, and in health resorts and sanatoriums you can improve your health. If you are extreme and enjoy active pastime, you can go hunting for hares, go fishing in the Aktyubinsk or Kargalinsky reservoir, go to one of the many sports centers.

For fans of the popular singer Dimash Kudaibergen, a special tour “Dimash’s Motherland” has been developed, which includes cities: Aktobe, Astana and Almaty. In each of them, the participants of the tour are expected to have a most interesting and rich program, including master classes, excursions, concerts, and communication with their close people.

Add to all this diversity a very pleasant fact: in the summer it is rarely very hot here, usually the temperature does not exceed 25 degrees. In winter, too, does not reach record frost - the lowest rate of January is -14 degrees.

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