Turkistan region

Turkistan region

Traveling in Turkestan region will capture you and fill with historical legends and narratives, such details that you, most likely, have never heard about before.
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Turkistan region

Previously, it was called the South Kazakhstan because it covers the hottest southern regions of the country. The climate here is appropriate - in summer it is very hot, it is almost impossible to be outside in the daytime. Therefore, all tours to local sights and sacral places are usually planned for spring or autumn, so that long journeys along hot steppes do not spoil the overall impression. The cities of Turkestan and Shymkent are recognized as centers of tourist interest because most of the famous sights are concentrated there.

The holy city in Kazakhstan and other interesting locations of the Turkestan region

The triple pilgrimage to Turkestan is comparable in its significance with the haj to Mecca. Did you know about this? Most likely not, but for the Muslim world this is a very important moment. The status of the sacred city of Turkestan was due to its famous resident - the scholar and theologian Khoja Ahmed Yassawi, who gained the honor and recognition of believers.

Historical and natural sights of the southernmost edge of Kazakhstan

  • Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yassawi
  • Mausoleum Arystan Baba
  • Hilvet Underground Mosque
  • Zhuma Museum Mosque
  • Museum-mausoleum of Rabigi Sultan Begim
  • Azret-Sultan Reserve Museum
  • Domalak Ana Mausoleum
  • Site of Sauran
  • Otrar oasis
  • Karatau Nature Reserve
  • Sairam-Ugam National Park
  • Aksu-Zhabagly Reserve

A trip to the Turkestan region is very exciting, full of historical details, which you probably never heard of, legends and legends. The architecture of the preserved buildings is really amazing, you involuntarily start to think - how could people create such beauty without modern tools? Stunning natural landscapes awaiting admiration await tourists in national parks and reserves. Definitely worth a visit for an unforgettable vacation, vivid impressions, historical and cultural enlightenment. The only point: consider the fact that there is a strong heat in the summer. If you feel that it can make your vacation more difficult, plan a trip in spring or autumn, when there is a “velvet season”

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Mausoleum of Hoja Ahmet Yassaui

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