Mangystau region

Mangystau region

Fantastic sceneries, which look like these meant to be for making a film about other planets, historical and sacred spots with great energy – all these and even more could be seen on a trip across the region.
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Mangystau region

Anyone who has ever embarked on a tour of the Mangystau region, unanimously confirms that this peninsula is unique. He has his own special energy, there are a lot of mystical and historically significant, sacred places. The nature here is harsh, but beautiful, most landscapes seem to be intended for filming films about other planets. And this is no accident: 5 million years ago, Ustyurt was hidden in the depths of the ancient ocean of Tethys, the waters of which, retreating, grind out bizarre figures, caves and grottoes in pliable marine sediments. You must come here at least for a week in order to have time to see all the sights of the peninsula.

Features of Mangystau tourism

For a comfortable journey through the local beauties you will need an SUV, plenty of water, light clothing and everything that protects you from the scorching sun. There are no shady groves and forests, as in the east of the country, but there is something much more interesting!

Fantastic places you will never forget:

  • The legendary mountain Sherkala - snow-white fortress, which changes its appearance, if you go around it.
  • The Cretaceous Kapamsai Canyon, where you can see the real workshop, which made tools of the Stone Age era.
  • The failure of Zhygylgan, at the bottom of which in the limestone slabs the remains of petrified animals of the Neogene period are clearly visible.
  • The summit of Mount Tomalak, which offers an incredibly beautiful panorama of the Karatau environs.
  • The huge valley of ball nodules - the Valley of Balls, striking its unearthly appearance.
  • Chalky mountains of Bozzyr are two sharp peaks, often referred to as the Fangs, from the base of which you can admire the quaint castle wall.

Historical and sacred places with very strong energy:

  • The medieval city of Kyzylkala, near which there are many rock paintings of nomadic tribes of the 10th century.
  • Generic cemeteries and necropolises of Karagashty-Aulie and Ushtam.
  • The pearl of Mangyshlak is the underground mosque Beket-ata, Shakpak-ata, Sultan-epe and others, where many believers from all over Kazakhstan make pilgrimages to this day.

Do not be afraid of the lack of ideal roads to many sights, hot weather, the need to walk several kilometers and overnight in the field - all this is the traveler’s daily life and they pay off in full for the views and unforgettable impressions that Mangystau leaves behind in the heart of every tourist.

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