Kyzylorda region

Kyzylorda region

Tourism in this region is more of cognitive nature that will unveil medieval mystery for you as well as the mystery of Kazakh state birth. However, the natural world enthusiasts will also find something interesting to explore!
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Kyzylorda region

Located in the hot southern region of Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda region pleases tourists with three hundred sunny days a year, magnificent natural landscapes and a rich historical heritage, revealing the secrets of the Middle Ages and the birth of Kazakh statehood. Tourism in this area is more likely to be informative, but lovers of natural beauty of untouched nature have something to see here too!

From ancient settlements to the cosmodrome

  • One of the first places where large excursion groups go is the Baikonur international space station. It is one of the three in the world from which launches of missiles with a crew on board are possible.
  • No less interesting for visiting the remains of ancient settlements, large shopping centers and the rates of the steppe khans - Jenda, Sauran and Yangikent.

Interesting places:

  • The former island in the Aral Sea is now the Barsakelmes reserve, the abode of many rare animals and birds.
  • Kokaral dam, which regulates the water level of the Northern and Southern parts of the Aral Sea.
  • The Syr Darya River, stormy and beautiful, greened this hot region.
  • Kyzylkum desert, whose name speaks for itself - “red sand”. And he is really like that here.

And here you can spend time for the benefit of the body

  • Therapeutic mud of Zhanakorgan, relieving or alleviating the symptoms of many diseases.
  • Kamystybas is a salt lake in which it will not work to drown. Here you can safely lie on your back, taking sunbaths and healing the body with mineral salts.
Add to all this many museums and monuments, mausoleums, remains of ancient settlements and understand why tourism in this area is so informative and interesting. It is better to come here at the beginning of autumn or in spring, because in summer the temperature in the sun can reach 50 degrees. In the offseason, the heat subsides and does not interfere with enjoying the journey!

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