Kostanay region

Kostanay region

Here are ideal hunting grounds, fishing spots, peaceful places for camping. The region is rich with its cultural and natural heritage which should be duly appreciated by all travellers.
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Kostanay region

The tourist potential of this area began to unfold relatively recently. Locals have always known that there are wonderful places for hunting, fishing and relaxing outdoor recreation, but now more and more tourists have come here. This is due to its rich cultural and natural heritage, which any admirer of adventure will appreciate.

What to do on vacation in Kostanay region?

  • Touch history: the Bestamak necropolis, the Annovskiy temple, the religious monument of Yekidyn, the Torgai geoglyphs (huge ground-based drawings made up of burial mounds, whose average age ranges from 2 to 10 thousand years) and hundreds of other historical monuments.
  • To spend time actively or even with extreme sports: hunting and fishing, cross-country rally, quad bikes and much more.
  • Explore the beauty of the local nature: Naurzumsky Nature Reserve, with its relict pine forest, which has been growing there for more than one thousand years, endemic birch trees, found only in one region of Northern Kazakhstan and salt lakes. Amankaragaysky pine forest, on the territory of which there are several sanatoriums. Well, of course, the Turgai region, known for its hot springs, a variety of flora and fauna.
  • Do your own health: there are 4 sanatoriums and 2 dispensaries in the Kostanay region, which are located in a picturesque area and receive tourists all year round who want to heal, gain strength, relax body and soul.
The climate here is similar to most other regions of Kazakhstan: quite changeable, with quite noticeable division into four seasons. But in the summer there are no record temperature fluctuations, on average it does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius, which is quite suitable for tourism in any month from May to October. In winter, the entertainment circle is narrowed, but for lovers of hunting and fishing, snow and frost only add to the enthusiasm.

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Kostanay region

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