Karagandy region

Karagandy region

Wide open spaces of Karagandy region and mountain, steppe, desert, forest landscapes following each other – all promise to a traveller lots of unforgettable adventures in the most incredible and picturesque locations.
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Karagandy region

From Balkhash to Karkaralinsk, having captured almost the entire territory of Central Kazakhstan, the vast Karaganda region spread. Its open spaces and successive mountain, steppe, desert and forest landscapes promise travelers a lot of unforgettable adventures in the most incredible and picturesque places (many of them are not even aware of the Karaganda people!). However, we will not paint for a long time and proceed to the main thing ...

Required to visit the sights of the Karaganda region

  • The archaeological treasure of the region is the burial ground of the Begazy-Dandybay culture, represented by a complex of structures made of huge slabs weighing up to three tons!
  • Zangyrtas petroglyphs, which lifted the veil of the Bronze Age, and the Terekty-Aulie petroglyphs, devoted to the cult of the Sun.
  • The ancient proto-city of Kent and the ancient settlement of Beskamyr, dating from the late Middle Ages.
  • Mosque of Kunanbay Uskenbayev, father of the Great Abai Kunanbayev (the world famous epic novel “The Path of Abay” is dedicated to him).
  • Karlag - one of the largest branches of the GULAG, where the victims of political repression were sent.
  • •The mausoleums of Juchi Khan, Dombaula and Shabanbai bi, the architectural ensemble - the mausoleums of Amanbai and Amanzhol, as well as many others.

Ideal places for trekking and photohunting

  • The unique Kyzylarai mountains and the Aksoran summit are the highest point of Saryarka (the Kazakh steppe with a characteristic small hill).
  • The mountain range Bektau Ata with the cave Aulie, in which the holy spring with healing water is beating.
  • Turang grove (relic of Asian poplar), growing in the harsh Northern Balkhash.
  • Golden Sands Zhetykonyr.

Resort holiday in a picturesque area

  • Karkaraly National Park, which contains a lot of interesting things for tourists: the mystical lake Shaitan-Kol, the nature museum in the natural boundary Tas-Bulak, the Buddhist monastery, now called Kzyl-Kent, and much more.
  • The semi-saline lake Balkhash is a true oasis in the midst of hot steppes and semi-deserts.
Karaganda region is a great option for a long journey. The climate here varies depending on whether you are closer to the south or north. For example, if at the end of August you can still swim in Balkhash, then in Karkaraly is already quite cold and autumn is felt.

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