West Kazakhstan region

West Kazakhstan region

You will get impressions from the region tainted with history and mysticism as well as with charm of the wild and undisturbed by man nature.
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West Kazakhstan region

It is best of all to start a trip around the West Kazakhstan region from the administrative center - Uralsk, founded in 1584 (in 1613 - received the status of a city). Over the four hundred years of its existence, the small Yaitsky town has undergone many changes. Frequent economic and cultural interactions with Russia left their mark on him, in the form of a huge number of architectural monuments of the time, museums, historically significant and sacred places. It is with him that we recommend starting your acquaintance with the West Kazakhstan region.

Historical and little-known places of WKR where you will not meet crowds of tourists

  • We will begin our narration with the most visited museum complex in Western Kazakhstan, organized right on the site of the Zhangir Khan-Bukeyev horde. Almost all the buildings erected two centuries ago have been restored and we can see it as it was in 1801.
  • The Zhangir Khan Museum, the estate of Yemelyan Pugachev, the Museum of History and Ethnology, the M. Mametova House-Museum, as well as many other cultural centers in the city of Uralsk.
  • Not far from Uralsk one can see the excavations of the ancient city of Zhaik in the era of the Golden Horde.
  • A ruined monastery on the shore of the “Sadovsky Lake”, which literally blows with something mystical.

To be along with nature:

  • Mountain Big Ichka (the highest point of the region), from which a magnificent panorama opens.
  • The Dubrava reserve, where perennial oaks of rare black breed grow.
  • Akkum Desert, one of the most ancient and beautiful in Kazakhstan. It is believed that it has been preserved since the ice age.
  • Saurkin Yar - the highest point of the coast of the Urals, from which a picturesque picture opens on the bends of the river.
  • Lake Sarkyrama and the eponymous waterfall, which is recognized as the smallest in Kazakhstan! But despite this, here is amazingly beautiful and fresh.
  • Desert Narym-Kum, promising to the attentive traveler interesting finds in the form of arrowheads and spears or fragments of ancient dishes.

All these places are not so famous and thousands of tourists do not go here, but this is why their value increases. The impressions from the trip to the WKR will be with a touch of history, mysticism and fascination with wild nature. But be prepared for the fact that in the middle of summer it is quite hot here - up to +30 degrees, the winter is cold and snowy, and in the off-season the weather can change literally several times a day.

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Local history Museum in the city of Uralsk

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