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Botai-Burabay Museum

Museum of Ethnography and Archeology dedicated to the Botai culture of the Eneolithic period
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Akmola province

Botai-Burabay Museum

Museum of Ethnography and Archeology dedicated to the Botai culture of the Eneolithic period

Burabay (also known as Borovoe) is a place that never ceases to amaze. Besides spectacular natural wonders, there are a number of entertaining museums. One of them is the Botai-Burabay Museum of Ethnography and Archaeology, dedicated to the Botai culture of the Eneolithic period (c. 3700-3100 BCE). In 1980, about 20 Botai settlements were discovered in North Kazakhstan Province. After thorough research, some archeologists have concluded that the horse was first domesticated there. Excavations revealed that horses were being kept close to the settlements, milked and even ridden. This was a breakthrough discovery, because for a long time, it was believed that horses were first domesticated during the Bronze Age, sometime around 2,000 B.C. The study of the Botai settlements produced evidence that horses were tamed 1,000 years earlier.

The museum’s exhibition contains seven reconstructed dwellings resembling yurts. Each “building” showcases different aspects of the Botai people’s lives. For example, in one of them you can see weapons, while another one displays houseware and miscellaneous handicrafts.

Useful tips for 2021

In summer, the museum is open daily. During the rest of the year, excursions are conducted only by appointment, since there is no central heating in the buildings and only visitors are less frequent. To book an excursion contact the Akmola Regional Museum of Local History.

Please note that the museum is located on the territory of the Burabay National Park, meaning you will have to pay for entering the protected area. However, if you book an excursion, the fee will be included in the ticket price.

How to get there

The museum is located near the town of Shuchinsk along the Nur-Sultan–Kokshetau highway. If you’re driving from Nur-Sultan, pass the town of Shuchinsk and on your left you will see the "Express" Cafe. After another 800 meters (875 yd) on your right you will see an old checkpoint, which is now closed. Turn right behind that checkpoint, and after 300 meters (330 yd) you will find yourself at the Botai-Burabay Museum.

Food and accommodation

Since Burabay National Park is a popular tourist destination, there are a variety of hotels and guesthouses to choose from. The nearby towns of Shuchinsk and Kokshetau are great accommodation options too.

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