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Promotion of agricultural tourism products

Promotion of agricultural tourism products

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Promotion of agricultural tourism products

Promotion of agricultural tourism products

This year JSC "NC" Kazakh Tourism "continued work on the promotion of tourism products for agricultural tourism. In order to identify promising points for the development of agro-tourism, field trips were carried out to the following regions:

1. Almaty region - Basshi settlement (Keribulak district), Nurum settlement, Aktobe settlement

2. Akmola region - Zerenda village, Baiterek village, Red cordon village (Zerendinsky district)

3. Zhambyl region - Kulan village, Kokdonen village, Lugovoi village (T. Ryskulovsky district)

4. Turkestan region - Shaulder village, Shekerbulak village, Timur village (Otyrar district), Kogam village

5. East Kazakhstan region - Altai city, Chirkain settlement, Bogatyrevo settlement, Turgusun settlement, Solovyevo settlement

6. Pavlodar region - Bayanauyl village, Toraigyr village, Shonai village

7. Karaganda region - Botakara settlement, Bukhar Zhyrau settlement, Kokpekty settlement, Belagash settlement

8. North Kazakhstan region - Beskol settlement (Kyzylzhar district), Solnechny settlement, Rublevka settlement

As part of the expedition trips, introductory courses on agro-tourism were held in the above regions with a total coverage of 251 people from among rural residents.

As part of the event, the potential for the development of agro-tourism in the regions was studied and information was collected on potential objects / subjects of agro-tourism, search and identification of initiative groups.

The densest concentration of potential growth points was found in the village of Beskol, North Kazakhstan region, in the village of Basshi, Almaty region, in the city of Chirkain, the village of Bogatyrevo, East Kazakhstan region, and in the village of Bayanauyl, Pavlodar region.

As part of the implementation of the event to promote agricultural tourism, a catalog of agritourism entities by destination was created. The catalog contains information about the subjects of agritourism in the studied regions, images of the subjects.

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