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Inder mountains

Back in the 18th century, the famous German naturalist Peter Simon Pallas called the Inder Mountains a miracle of nature.

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Atyrau province

Inder mountains

Back in the 18th century, the famous German naturalist Peter Simon Pallas called the Inder Mountains a miracle of nature.

Other scientists, travelers and tourists also consider them wonderful. And for good reason. The fact is that the Inder mountains in Atyrau region gained world fame for its unusual surface, composed of colorful tiers of multi-colored clays, gypsum, crushed stone and shell rock. High-quality salt with a high content of potassium, bromine and boron is also mined here. Salt rock formations contain 16 elements of the periodic table.

The Inder Mountains are a hill on the border of Atyrau and West Kazakhstan regions of Kazakhstan. The maximum height of the mountains is 54 meters above sea level. There is a version that once these mountains were the islands of the Caspian Sea. From the north and northeast they are bordered by a salt lake of the same name. Basin Lake Inder has an area of about 110 km2, it is fed by numerous salt springs flowing from the Inder Upland.

The Inder Mountains are also caves, numerous salt and sulfur springs, the most famous of which is the healing spring Ashchybulak. The water in it is considered healing, soft and pleasant to the taste. Locals say that this source, like the water of the lake, and the black mud on its shores, treats not only joint diseases, but also asthma, bronchitis, and gynecological diseases.

The terrain of the mountains and foothills is rich in flora. Here you can find thickets of black wormwood, blackberries, wild roses and feather grass. In some gorges, apple groves are fragrant, and on the plains near the lakes in spring you can admire the tulips of Schrenk, Greig and Bieberstein. But the fauna of Inder is also interesting for its relic species, among which is the muzzle snake, hiding in the depths of the caves. Centipedes, bats, and eagle owls also live here.

Tourists come here not only to get vivid impressions, admiring the magical landscapes of mountains, caves and lakes, but also for the healing power of nature. And indeed, the miracle today is the pristine nature itself, which gives a person a lot of strength and energy.

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How to get there?

The Inder Mountains are located in the Indersky district of the Atyrau region, 200 km from the city of Atyrau: 180 km on asphalt, which will take about two hours, and then about 25 km will have to go on a dirt road, which can take about an hour. You can get to the Inder Mountains by cars of all models, minibuses, buses. There is a special bus route "Atyrau-Inder".

Meals and accommodation

If you go to Inder overnight, it is recommended to bring warm clothes, a hat, preferably a hat, glasses, food, drinking water, as well as a tent and bedding. Not far from the mountains is the village of Inderborsky, where you can additionally stock up on provisions and everything you need.

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