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Ski resort Myrzashoky

Myrzashoky ski resort is a center of attraction for lovers of winter outdoor activities.

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Pavlodar province

Ski resort Myrzashoky

Myrzashoky ski resort is a center of attraction for lovers of winter outdoor activities.

Fans and professionals of skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and tubing appreciated the new ski base in Bayanaul district Pavlodar region, located on the territory Bayanaul National Natural Park.

People come here not only from Pavlodar and Bayanaul, but also from Karaganda, Astana, Omsk and Novosibirsk, as well as from other cities of Kazakhstan and Russia, to ride from the snowy slopes of Mount Myrzashoky and breathe fresh air.

The resort on weekends and in good weather is capable of receiving up to two thousand people a day. Equipped with a modern cable car and a ski slope over 1.3 kilometers long, it is also equipped with a chair lift to make it easier to get to the top. The length of the large chair lift is 800 meters, the small ski lift is 320 meters, and the descent from it is already 500 meters. In one hour, the chair lift is able to give a ride to 550 recreational enthusiasts.

And if you can climb the slope for a certain symbolic cost, then the resort provides equipment for skiing, snowboarding, tubing free of charge! Thus, investors are trying to attract more tourists to the new base.

The ski resort project is still in the process of further implementation. Soon several log houses, a two-story hotel, a restaurant will open here, and if there is a shortage of natural snow, the slope will be covered with artificial snow using Austrian technology. Also, for lovers of outdoor activities, inventory is additionally purchased.

In addition to skiing, vacationers can take advantage of the services of local residents offering hiking and horseback riding.

Useful Tips 2021-2022

Going to the mountains, you should take with you warm clothes, a hat, sunglasses, gloves, personal hygiene products and medicines, as well as the necessary supply of provisions.

How to get there?

The main reference point on the way to the Myrzashoky ski resort is the village of Karazhar in the Bayanaul region. The distance from Pavlodar to the village along the highway is just over 200 km. Alternatively, you can take a regular bus to the village of Bayanaul, and from there take a private taxi or minibus to the base. This section of the path will be only 14 km.

Meals and accommodation

At the moment, the resort has heating points, a canteen and a teahouse.

There are no guest houses in the nearby village of Karazhar yet, but in Bayanaul you can find hotels for every taste. In this village you can not only spend the night, but also stay for a couple of days to admire the unique nature: there are beautiful lakes, mountains and coniferous forests.

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