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Black knot

The "Black Knot" is a majestically formidable, and therefore attractive for travelers object of the West Altai Reserve.

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East Kazakhstan province

Black knot

The "Black Knot" is a majestically formidable, and therefore attractive for travelers object of the West Altai Reserve.

This geomorphological complex East Kazakhstan region – the intersection of the Turgusunsky and Ivanovsky ridges, as if tied in a knot. Here, at an altitude of more than 2000 meters above sea level, winds, rains and thunderstorms dominate in the rock bowl. The impregnable peaks, surrounded by glaciers and lakes, with little or no vegetation, look harsh and powerful and attract climbers like a magnet. But tourists are interested in scenic routes on the way to the Black Knot, where there is no need to climb rocks and use special equipment. Just imagine, according to some data, there are about 40 lakes of glacial origin in the valley of this rocky ridge. Add to this picture alpine meadows, encounters with unusual bird species that you will not see below, for example, the tundra partridge. There is also a high chance of meeting a brown bear, but don't worry - the bear will sense the approach of a person long before you see him, and will try to hide. However, you will have a chance to photograph it from afar.

Ready to plunge into the world of Wildlife? Then you will need relatively good physical fitness, as the classic route passes through the territory of the reserve. According to the rules, it will have to be overcome in one light day. The entire round trip is 16 km.

Useful tips for 2021-2022

The season for visiting this location: from July 1 to September 15. During the rest of the year, these places are practically impassable.

How to get there?

The approach to the Black Node is possible from two sides. Classical - from the side of the Palevsky cordon of the West Altai Reserve. Before setting off, you must pay at any Ridder ticket office that accepts tax payments, or at the post office a fee in the amount of 0.1 MCI for one excursion day and receive a route sheet. At the entrance to the reserve, in this case, it is the Palevsky cordon, this sheet will become a “pass”. It is also necessary to contact the reserve office in advance to notify of your arrival. At the appointed time, you will be met and accompanied by an instructor.

You can get to the Palevsky cordon from the city of Ridder by your own car or by taxi. Then the hiking trail begins. The route is an always visible path, on which at times makeshift stone tours will be visible for reference. They help a lot in the fog. The trail will constantly go up, with a climb. As a result, you will come to the headwaters of the Turgusun River, which is one of the major tributaries of the Bukhtarma River.

Also, the Black Knot can be seen from the Maloulbinsky reservoir, which can be reached by an off-road vehicle, the distance is about 70 km from the city of Ridder towards Prokhodny protein. Having reached the reservoir, you can take a walk around the surroundings, for example, walk to the sources of the Right Gromotukha, which begins from Palevsky Lake - one of the largest lakes on the Ivanovsky Range. From the shore of Lake Palevskoye, you can see “Saw” - part of the Ivanovsky Range. And from the Ozerny pass, a breathtaking view of the Black Knot opens up.

Meals and accommodation

You need to take care of accommodation in advance and book a room in one of the Ridder hotels or rent an apartment. In the city, it is worth having a hearty breakfast before a trip to the reserve and stock up on water and provisions, taking nuts, protein bars, and small sandwiches as a snack. There are no public catering outlets in the reserve itself and near it.

More information can be found on the reserve's website.

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