Mausoleum "Enlik-Kebek"

"Enlik-Kebek" is a mausoleum-obelisk in memory of two lovers, whose tragic story is sung in poems and legends.

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East Kazakhstan province

Mausoleum "Enlik-Kebek"

"Enlik-Kebek" is a mausoleum-obelisk in memory of two lovers, whose tragic story is sung in poems and legends.

On the territory of the Abai region East Kazakhstan region, where Abay, Shakarim and Mukhtar Auezov lived and worked, there are many monuments of the country's cultural and historical heritage. Among them is the famous and frequently visited by tourists mausoleum "Enlik-Kebek", which is also called the "Tower of Love".

A mausoleum was erected over the real place of death of two young lovers. The story of Enlik and Kebek is known from the legends of the late 18th century, when, due to the enmity of the two largest clans, young people suffered a tragic fate when the lovers could not unite their loving hearts.

The mausoleum looks like a pyramidal obelisk made of white marble. When you drive up to it along the Semey-Karaul highway, it is visible from afar.

Mukhtar Auezov collected the most detailed material about the history of Enlik and Kebek. The mausoleum is described by him in the novel "The Way of Abai", and the life drama formed the basis of the tragedy "Enlik-Kebek", which since 1917 has been constantly staged on the stage of Kazakhstani drama and opera theaters.

The original monument collapsed over time, but in 1960 the youth of the Abay region, having collected money on their own, restored it. Later there was another reconstruction.

Today, the mausoleum is represented by a six-meter-high tower topped with a dome. From all sides the monument is decorated with beautiful oriental ornaments. Inside the mausoleum there are graves with the inscriptions "Enlik-Kebek". The same inscription is on the facade of the mausoleum.

The Tower of Lovers has long been sacred. It is believed that a visit to the mausoleum brings prosperity to the newlyweds, so you can often see wedding processions here.

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How to get there?

The mausoleum "Enlik-Kebek" is located on the 128th kilometer of the Semey - Karaul highway. You can get there either on your own or as part of an excursion group.

Meals and accommodation

If you go to the mausoleum as part of an excursion group, the tour organizers will offer accommodation and meals options. If on your own, we recommend stocking up on groceries in the city of Semey. However, opposite the Enlik-Kebek mausoleum itself, there is a cafe and a Kurmanbay hotel. Also, mini-hotels and catering points operate in the village of Karaul.

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