Lake Jasybay

Lake Jasybai is a great destination for your perfect family, romantic or relaxing vacation.

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Pavlodar province

Lake Jasybay

Lake Jasybai is a great destination for your perfect family, romantic or relaxing vacation.

Lake Jasybai is the largest of the six lakes in the Bayanaul National Park. It stretches four kilometers (2.5 mi) long, more than two kilometers (1.2 mi) wide, and its depth in some places reaches 15 meters (50 ft).

Previously the lake was known as called Shoiynkol, but it was later renamed in honor of the Kazakh batyr (warrior) Jasybay, who died in 1752 in a battle with the invaders that took place on the lake’s shore.

Lake Jasybay is a popular destination for adventure lovers, families and anyone wanting to reconnect with nature in the great outdoors. While the stunning cobalt-blue lake alone is worth a trip, the surrounding area boasts mountains and woodlands. Here you'll find plenty of activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, and horseback riding. There are also various berries and mushrooms that you can gather.

The lake and its sandy beach offer a variety of activities as well. You can rent a boat and sail across the lake’s clear surface or rent sun loungers and just chill on the beach while admiring the surrounding rocks.

Also, a pontoon bridge was recently built on the shore, which offers picture-perfect vistas. The lake and the green island in the middle of it make for some Instagram-worthy pictures. If you look at the island from a bird's eye view, you’ll see that it has the shape of a heart. That is why it was once called “The Island of Love.”

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How to get there?

Lake Jasybay lies near the village of Bayanaul in Pavlodar Province. The city of Ekibastuz, closest to the Bayanaul National Park, is a hundred kilometers away. Ekibastuz can be reached by one of the many transit trains. Then you’ll have to take a bus at the city’s bus station. Buses run every day so travelling is not so difficult. You also have the option to use the taxi services.

The nearest airports to the park are in Pavlodar and Karaganda. You can also get to Bayanaul from these cities by bus, taxi or car. But the road will take longer: from Pavlodar to Bayanaul – about 230 km (143 mi), from Karaganda – about 260 km (162 mi).

Food and accommodation

Since Bayanaul is a popular vacation spot, there are many available hotels, inns and guest houses. Wooden log cabins are very popular among vacationers. Meals are usually served at a place of accommodation. Cafes and shops are open during the warmer months.

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