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Mountain Resort «Oi-Qaragai»

«Oi-Qaragai» Mountain Resort is located in Almaty region
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Almaty province

Mountain Resort «Oi-Qaragai»

«Oi-Qaragai» Mountain Resort is located in Almaty region

Mountain Resort "Oi-Qaragai" is the all-season family mountain resort in the center of Eurasia, surrounded by the virgin nature of the Tien Shan foothills, offering sincere service, Eurasian culture, providing all Guests with the opportunity to get together with the close people, partners, colleagues in active leisure with comfortable living conditions and healthy meals.

The unique infrastructure of the Mountain Resort "Oi-Qaragai" is represented by the accommodation, food and leisure facilities that have no analogues in Central Asia, and some even in the World. The "Tree-House Village", included in the rating of the top 10 best eco-hotels in the world, the largest yurt in the World, listed in the Guinness Book of Records, the unique trolley park, the climbing wall on a natural mountainous terrain, Ethnic SPA "UMAI", located in traditional Kazakh yurts and many other things make “Oi-Qaragai” the only place offering everything for the Guest to accord with the nature and return to their origins.

There are 6 restaurants and cafes on the territory of the Resort, where you can taste the dishes of European, Georgian and Kazakh national cuisine.

Those who like active and healthy rest can plunge into the world of adventure in the unique natural activities and places of rest and relaxation of the Resort:

· RIDE-Park with bike and bike accessories rental, which in winter becomes a ski resort with 20 kilometers of pistes;

· Horse center with open levades and contact stables;

· Trolley park the "Spirit of the Tien Shan", the third in the world by the total length of routes and the first in Asia;

· Rope Adventure Park;

· Climbing park;

· Super-Trolley "Oi-Karagai";

· Paintball park;

· Kid's activities club "UGUSHA";

· Ethnic SPA “UMAI” and the bathhouse;

· and many other things.

If you come with kids - the babysitting services for the little ones, the “Ugusha” kids club, 2 climbing and 3 rope routes, a contact horse stable and kid’s menu are at your disposal.

While walking around the territory, be sure to visit our spiritual attractions:

• the “Place of Power”

• the “Mother Tree”

• the “Ancestor’s Tree”

• the “Airyk” Bridge

Slogan and Idea of the Mountain Resort "Oi-Qaragai" Brand: Happiness to be together!

Visit our virtual tour at (https://pano3d.kz/OI-Qaragai_2/#pano4653/0.0/0.0/90.0) and come with friends and family at any time of the year!


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