Kapamsay Canyon

Kapsamsay Canyon is located on the Tupkaragan Plateau in Mangystau Province.

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Mangystau province

Kapamsay Canyon

Kapsamsay Canyon is located on the Tupkaragan Plateau in Mangystau Province.

Like many other attractions in Mangystau Province, Kapamsay Canyon can only be found with either knowledge of the exact GPS coordinates, or with the help of a local guide. The canyon is situated 135 km (84 mi) away from the town of Aktau. Most of the road that leads there is paved with asphalt; the rest is the dirt road.

The creamy gray, sometimes dazzlingly white walls of the canyon are quite high. At its bottom are huge boulders. According to archaeologists, once a deep river flowed at the foot of the chalk cliffs. Today there is no river, but a grotto remains. Rainwater made a hole in its roof, and thanks to the shade and moisture, a small grove – a green oasis among the rocks – is growing there.

Birds of prey circle above the canyon, their nests securely hidden from view in the niches of the walls. Only at first glance does the terrain seem lifeless;this area is home to lizards, rodents, and small birds. An attentive traveler will enjoy sightings of them all.

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How to get there

You can get to the canyon using off-road vehicles. Since the distance is short, a trip to Kapamsay Canyon could be a great weekend tour. You can also visit neighboring attractions. For example, Shakpak Ata Cave Mosque is located only 7.5 km (5 mi) north-east of the canyon, and Torysh, a Valley of Globular Stones, is 30 km (19 mi) away.

Food and accommodation

It is recommended to bring food and water with you from Aktau. About 35 km (22 mi) away from the canyon, at the intersection of the popular tourist routes of Mangystau, travelers pass the Kogez Ethnic Village. If you wish, you can drop by for a bite to eat. However, if you’re planning to stay for a night, book in advance.

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