5 places for traveling by car in Kazakhstan

5 places for traveling by car in Kazakhstan


In Kazakhstan, in order to go on a trip, you just need to get in the car.

In Kazakhstan, in order to go on a trip, you just need to get in the car. We have all conditions to do this: the unique nature and available infrastructure. And depending on how much free time you have, you can spend from a few hours to days in a journey. Travelers and experts from the field of tourism shared some of the most interesting places in Kazakhstan where you can go by car.

Nurzhan Algashov, traveler

Bayanaul National Park

From the town of Ekibastuz to the park there are about 100 kilometers. Bayanaul is one of the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan, where you can walk in the mountains, climb and swim. Many people love Zhasybay Lake – clean and clear, a picturesque view opens from its shores. The main attractions of the park are the “sacred cave”, the “stone head”, and the “manhood” stone. There are also tourist bases and rest houses. Camping lovers can find places for the campsites and campgrounds.

Akbet Mountain in Bayanaul


A unique place in Kazakhstan, where you can visit Arystanbab mausoleum and Otyrar settlement, is Turkestan city where you will see the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yassaui, the town of Kultobe-Yassi, the mausoleum of Gaukhar ana, Hilvet underground mosque, an eastern bathhouse, Zhumamechet. The pilgrimage to the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yassaui does not stop all year round, so this place is called the second Mecca.

Akmeshit Cave

Akmeshit Cave is a large hall about 150 meters deep, about 65 meters wide and 30 meters high. The uniqueness of the cave is that a small grove of about 40 trees grows there. Here, at any time of the year, the temperature stays the same. In addition, a panorama opening to the outside world reminds of a shanyrak of the yurt. On the way there is an opportunity to see Baidibek Cavity, Domalak Ana mausoleum, Baidibek ata mausoleum and Kos Ana.

Galiya Mensiitova, owner of a travel agency

Open-air museum

The museum is located on the side of Yereimentau city, 160 kilometers away from Astana. There are stone sculptures of the 4th-5th centuries of our era and burial grounds. Basically, they stood on the burial grounds of warriors or tribal leaders. They were also used as a place for sacrifice. There is also a mound with a mustache, lined with stone, and stone sculptures, which are called “Balbal tas”. They can be of different sizes and with different objects, for example, with a sword or with a bowl for sacrifices. It is also believed that there was a settlement where caravan routes of the Great Silk Road passed.


Sandyktau is located behind Zerenda village. Local historians will tell the story of this place, where Cossack settlements are mainly located. You can come and look at their life, traditional clothes, listen to old songs. The local nature reminds us of Borovoe: huge pine forests, fells, rocks; you can meet elks, roes, wild boars, foxes there.

You can climb Sandyktau Mountains of 784 meters height above sea level. There is a spring under the mountain where you can drink real live water.

Kanat Sagnaev, founder of the travel club

Seletinsky Reservoir and Bestobe Canyon

Seleta is one of the cleanest rivers in Kazakhstan which is replenished with underground sources. Near the village of Seleta there is Seletinsky Reservoir, where you can fish, as well you may see fine view to the beautiful majestic canyons. They are located above the reservoir, not far from Bestobe village. In that part of the river there are steep banks and you must remember that in winter they pose a danger.

If you are getting to the destination along the Pavlodar highway, then along the way you will meet stone sculptures – balbals.

Waterfall and lake near Zerenda village

300-330 kilometers away from Astana, you can see the graves of the Tengri tribes and the waterfall. It is better to go to the waterfall in May or in the beginning of June because at this time it is filled with water.

Maxim Levitin, director of production studio

Katon-Karagai National Park, the foothills of Belukha, Markakol. and Yazevoe lakes

In the East Kazakhstan region, be sure to visit the Katon-Karagay National Park, the foothills of Belukha, Markakol and Yazevoe Lakes, and Kokkolsky waterfall. In this area there is a beautiful view of the Belukha. The nature here creates unique atmosphere and will touch your feelings. At the same time, you can visit the Western Altay. Here you can look at the nature of the Black Uba River, unusual for Kazakhstan forest massifs, rivers, and rich wildlife. In this region, it melts late and the snow falls early so better to come here at the end of August.

Dzungarian Alatau

I recommend visiting the Dzungarian Alatau, Tastau ridge. Here you can see wild animals in their natural habitat: deer, capricorns, bears.

Now you know about places in Kazakhstan available for traveling by car. We wish you a pleasant trip and easy road!