Summer evening in Almaty

Summer evening in Almaty

City Break

Summer evening in Almaty should not only be seen but also felt!

1. Summer evening in Almaty is something worth seeing at least once! And with your own eyes!

2. The former capital of Kazakhstan has lost its status but not the spirit. Almaty residents still strongly stand out among other residents of the Republic for their deliberate love for their city, romantic view of life and benevolent attitude towards the surrounding space.

3. To ensure that, it is enough to once plunge into bewitching aura of Almaty in the evening. Just like that, without any particular plan and goal, wander through the background of a dying day, dink around the pedestrian streets of the old city center, sit on the warm benches, have a cup of tea outside the city cafés.

4. Kazakhstan citizens crack jokes: Almaty is having a party, Astana is celebrating, Karaganda is working. And there is a certain share of truth.

5. Almaty is naturally predetermined for evening walks. May not there be such hot, sunny days in our southern town (located, incidentally, on the same latitude as Rome and Madrid), it is highly unlikely that these golden and blessed evenings could become so desirable and charming!

6. However, our summer is a loose concept. In fact, it lasts three to fair six months! From May to October.

7. Let us get out together, one of the favorite urban boardwalks is along Panfilov street Almaty or Zhibek zholy (Silk Way). Here is the center of the night's life of Almaty and Almaty residents!

8. However, these are not the only streets adapted for mass festivals - every year there are more and more of them. A new trend of city authorities is "the city for pedestrians" - has caught on in Almaty.

9. What does consistently amaze visitors trapped in the thick crowd of local citizens? It is contemporary cosmopolitanism reflected in the types of persons and citizens. When such differently looking people feel so serene and cozy next to each other, it is winning.

10. And your eyes will definitely catch the talent of local people. Almaty residents are not only tolerant, they are creative and gifted by nature on the whole. And they are not embarrassed to show their skills on the street.

11. That is why the evening streets sometimes look like concerts sites during a street festival. An ever-lasting festival!

12. Street musicians are the embodiment of multicultural multipolarity of a multinational metropolis. Dombra and accordion, violin and balalaika, guitar and Indian mridangam get along, and have their own admirers.

13. Rock, rap , solo, bands, pop, classical music, Soviet hit songs and ethnic music. If you want to find and listen to music to your soul, you should definitely come here!

14. But something great does not have to be necessarily perceived by the soul. You can do that with your ... stomach! In a city, where oriental and western culture have become woven together in such a bizarre way, there is not only the base, but also opportunities!

15. And yet, in these nightly walks, you can easily discern our future. There it is everywhere - messing around, talking loudly and clamoring for attention to their issues and requests.

16. Almaty residents love children and children are indispensable participants in all urban manifestations, including those nightly walks. Is it high time to go to bed? But dream is an ephemeral matter - no one can escape from it!

17. Despite its refined appearance, Almaty is an oriental city, too. Entrepreneurship is in our blood and street vendors are as required as buskers. So much so that all local initiatives have strong support from the instantly responsive Chinese fabrication!

18. The sun is setting down, the torches are flashing on and the lights of numerous restaurants and bars and fountain illuminations are becoming brighter and more noticeable. Life on the streets of Almaty is going on!

19. And this life, if you want, is a sort of quintessential of collective unconsciousness of the city residents!

20. I have started with that summer evening in Almaty must be seen at least once. But this is not quite true. Summer evening in Almaty should not only be seen but also felt!