Astana - a symbol of Independence

City Break

Palace of Peace and Accord - Walking tour

National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Walking tour - 1.8 km

Monument "Kazakh Eli" - Walking tour - 950 m

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The cost of the route


2000 tg / person


2000 tg / person


4000 tg / person


2000 tg / person

About the route

Astana is the young capital of Kazakhstan, which in three decades has gone from a provincial city to a center of cultural, sports and political events. All the sights of the city belong to the modern period, the more interesting. During the sightseeing tour of Independence Square, you will see all the sights related to the history of the formation of the Republic of Kazakhstan: the triumphal arch "Mangilik el", the monument "Kazakh Eli", the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan and others, and also learn the history of their origin.

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Картина-вышивка в технике "Біз кесте"

Biz keste is a crochet embroidery that requires constant concentration; very complex and labor intensive technique.
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Сувениры из глины

Sculptures, earthenware, souvenirs, interior and household items
улица Шолохова, 22, Алматы, Казахстан


Salon "Talisman" was founded in 1998. And during this time we have accumulated a lot of experience in the field of jewelry and national art. At the moment, the Talisman salon has the widest range of modern and national jewelry, souvenirs and objects of national art in Astana. http://www.talismans.kz/
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