Traditions related to raising children and wedding traditions

Cultural heritage

The traditions and customs of the ancestors are sacredly revered by the Kazakh people. Many have survived to this day almost in their original version, many have been adapted to modern conditions, but nevertheless retain all their national flavor.

Traditions associated with the birth and development of a child are very popular.

"Shildekhana" is the first holiday of a newborn, which is celebrated by the Kazakh people and is accompanied by several rituals. In ancient times, as soon as a baby was born, messengers were sent to all relatives and friends to tell everyone the good news. The guests congratulated the parents and the newborn, brought the first gifts to the baby, and in the evening they gathered for the festive dastarkhan, sang songs and played the dombra. According to ancient belief, in this way, the guests drove away evil spirits and protected the child.

"Besik toy" - the holiday of the cradle. As a rule, on the third day after the birth of the baby, he was first placed in the cradle.

The main role in carrying out this ritual is assigned to the grandmother: first, she fumigates the cradle with herbs (to fence off evil spirits and ailments), then she swaddles the child, ties it with special ribbons, puts it in a besik and covers it with seven things, among which there were a fur coat and a hat, a bridle. and kamcha (for a boy), for a girl, a piece of cloth, scarves. Sweets are distributed to the children present as a gift from the newborn.

Also, one of the well-known and still practiced traditions related to the upbringing of a child is the custom “tusau kesu” - “cutting the fetters”. On a certain day, when the child took the first step, guests are invited to the house. The most respected person cuts special ropes, as if entangling the legs of a child. It is believed that the rite will give the baby health and well-being, and will help to find “solid ground under their feet” for life.


Many beautiful rituals are associated with marriage. Let's talk about the most common rituals used by newlyweds today.

"Kuda tusu" - matchmaking. Official acquaintance of the two parties in the bride's house. The groom's father and relatives come to the bride's house, get acquainted with the girl's family, and exchange gifts. After a joint meal, the matchmakers announce the purpose of their visit and agree on the wedding.

The next stage is the farewell to the bride “kyz uzatu”. Sending their daughter to a new home, the parents arrange, in fact, a separate wedding for her. Most of the guests at this holiday are from the bride's side. At the moment of farewell, the Kazakh ritual song "Fire-Zhar" is performed. The next morning, at sunrise, the matchmakers take her to the house of her future husband.

Then the ceremony of meeting the bride "Kelin tusiru" takes place. Here, the traditional song of instructions and wishes - "Betashar" is necessarily performed. And only after that the modern wedding is celebrated.

"Neke kyu" - a wedding according to the Muslim rite. The customs of the Kazakh people suggest holding a religious ceremony the day after the wedding. The ceremony takes place in a mosque in the presence of at least two witnesses.

Perhaps one of the brightest traditional holidays that have survived to this day is Nauryz! For Kazakh nomads, the change of seasons was of great importance, among which winter was the most difficult. The arrival of spring has always been associated with renewal and happiness. As before, Nauryz is now being prepared all over the country in a few weeks. At the end of March, festivities are held throughout Kazakhstan, yurts are set up in the main squares of cities and villages, treats are being prepared.

It does not do without traditional sports, such as kures - the Kazakh national wrestling, togyz kumalak - a logic board game, baiga - cross-country races at a distance.

There are a lot of traditions and customs, in order to get to know them better, you must definitely come to Kazakhstan!

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