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For lovers of travel in real wild nature, acquaintance with Kazakhstan, it is better to start with visits to state national natural parks. In total, there are 14 of them in the country. Parks located near large cities in the Almaty and Akmola regions are relatively accessible.

For lovers of travel in real wild nature, acquaintance with Kazakhstan, it is better to start with visits to state national natural parks. In total, there are 14 of them in the country. Parks located near large cities in the Almaty and Akmola regions are relatively accessible.


Ile-Alatau National Park

A favorite place of rest for Almaty residents and guests of the city. In some places, the border of the park directly merges with the city of Almaty. Ayusay gorge, Maloalmatinskoye gorge, Big Almaty lake, Issyk lake, Turgen waterfalls are some of the natural sites that can be visited by choice as part of a weekend tour.


Charyn National Natural Park

Charyn Canyon, a breathtaking place in the Tien Shan mountain branches, is located 200 kilometers from the city of Almaty. The most impressive places of the large gorge include the Valley of Castles, Ash and Turangovaya Grove, the Charyn River.


National Natural Park "Kolsai Lakes"

Freshwater Kolsai lakes are located within the Northern Tien Shan in the Almaty region. The system of Kolsai reservoirs includes three lakes: Upper, Middle and Lower - all of them are quite deep, cool and very beautiful. Trekking routes, horse riding excursions and walks are organized here. The famous lake Kaiyndy is also located on the territory of this park.


National natural park "Burabay"

Natural Park "Burabay" is located 245 km from Astana, which makes it a favorite place for visiting Astana residents and guests of the capital. The picturesque territory of the park: lakes, low mountains, thoughtful tourist routes. For prepared tourists, the ascent to Mount Bolektau, from where a beautiful view of the surroundings opens, will be a vivid impression.


National natural park "Kokshetau"

This land of blue lakes and blue mountains is located in two regions at once - Akmola and North Kazakhstan. The pearl of Kazakhstan - this is how the park "Kokshetau"  can be characterized because of the abundance of natural and historical attractions in it.


Natural Park "Buiratau"

Diverse flora and fauna, relic objects of the Buiratau park will interest any connoisseur of wildlife. The park is located on the territory of two regions at once: Akmola and Karaganda and has two branches. The main attraction and pride of the Buyratau park is the largest animal enclosure in Central Kazakhstan. Its area is 400 hectares. Marals, bison and roe deer live here.


Bayanaul natural park

The oldest park in Kazakhstan, organized in 1985. High cliffs, dense pine forests, blue expanse of lakes. This is a place that has absorbed many legends and beliefs, the splendor and splendor of the nature of the Pavlodar region. The territory of the park is a kind of oasis in a semi-desert environment. Of the six lakes, three are the most popular among tourists - Zhasybay, Sabyndykol, Toraygyr.


Natural park "Altyn-Emel"

The landscapes of the Altyn-Emel park in the Zhetysu region are very diverse: from desert lands to mountains. In the vicinity of the park there are historical and natural attractions, the most striking of which are Singing dune, complex "Bes Shatyr", consisting of Saka burial mounds, the chalk mountains of Aktau.


Karkaraly National Natural Park

Lakes, forests, springs with healing water, rich flora and fauna

Among tourists, trekking routes to the most famous lakes of the national park - Lake Basin and Lake Shaitankol are very popular.


Katon-Karagai National Natural Park

The Katon-Karagai National Park, founded in 2001 in the East Kazakhstan region, rightfully has the status of the largest natural park in Kazakhstan. Its area is more than 640 thousand hectares, and the territory has a variety of flora and fauna. Main attractions: Belukha mountain, Kokkol waterfall, Berel barrows, Rakhmanovskoye lake.


Sairam-Ugam National Natural Park

One of the distinguishing features of the Sairam-Ugam park in the Turkestan region is the growth here of 240 plant species listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In addition, in the national park you can get acquainted with religious buildings, petroglyphs and the life of ancient settlements in different historical times.


Zhongar-Alatau Natural Park

The park is located in the Zhetysu region on the slopes of the Zhetysu Alatau ridge, the highest point of which is the peak named after the outstanding traveler Semyonov-Tyan-Shansky. The park has become a haven for many rare representatives of the animal world. Much attention is also paid to the local flora: apple orchards, relic species of trees and shrubs are restored and preserved here.


National Natural Park "Tarbagatai"

The national park in the Abay region was created to preserve the natural systems of the southern slope of the Tarbagatai ridge, as well as the mountains of Karabas and Arkaly, the valleys of the Urzhar, Katysu, Emel rivers. The flora includes dozens of Tarbagatai endemics. The park is remote from large settlements, which makes it the most interesting for lovers of untouched nature.


Ulytau National Natural Park

The youngest park in Kazakhstan, founded in 2021 in the Ulytau region. The national park was created to restore and preserve the Ulytau mountain-steppe massif.

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